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Mar 24, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot

Agreed, big lack of coordination with the teammates from Bjelica at the end there.

Also: I wasn't as upset at the 6th foul on Kuminga as Fitz was, mostly because it was essentially a blocking foul (even though the ref didn't do the sign for a blocking foul). Like, yeah, it would be better as a no-call, as a lot of other more egregious interactions were left uncalled this game, but he did basically jump in Butler's way creating the contact, so, OK. I was more upset on the several out-of-bounds calls we got robbed on. Guess refs can't see everything though.

Huge game from Poole and Kuminga. GP2 also was looking like himself again. And I did notice the Bjelica-Kuminga connection was working well. Makes me second guess how much Klay has been shooting us out of games lately. But then again, Wiggins and Lee have also had some real awful cold streaks before this game. Can't say the NBA is predictable at this rate!

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