Today’s dunk tournament post is also an open thread. Please move any topics not about usernames over there.

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I post here also.

After a messy week I could read only this morning the thread of the names, great idea and thank You Eric: I found out, after 25 years, mine is a bad translation!

Fabbro Ferruccio is the Italian translation of Richard Scarry’s character, the fox, and my husband gave to me this nickname when I started working in foundry: it means the smith Ferruccio.

Today, when I looked for the original name, I discovered that is “Mr. Fixit”.

In Italian the right translation would be “ Mr. Aggiusta tutto “, definitely it wouldn’t fit to me…

I’m still laughing 😆

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23andMe is obviously a reference to Draymond, a pun on the genetic testing company, and my preferred name of the still completely inchoate Draymond Green fan club.

Yes, he has bad temper control problems, but still plays with such spirit. The one you want on the court to block that last shot or disrupt that last play, with the game hanging by a thread.

And Aaannnd1 and GreenDray, your stories are great. I also love the fastbreak chasedown block howl, "Aaannnd NONE!"

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As there is with me, I figure there is a strong overlap between Dubs fans and Giant fans. But, maybe not. My avatar is of Giants minor league prospect Vaun Brown who posted the best overall numbers in the entire minor league system, all teams, nation-wide. A true 5-tool player with power, speed, glove, arm and batting eye. I took that picture in Eugene, Oregon from about 15 feet away while he was in the on-deck circle. He's been invited to their major league camp. Get to know his name.

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I briefly ran a satirical blog called Stephen Jackson Makes Love To Pressure but I ended up as a fan of his game. I enjoyed his slow motion drives to the paint that always seem to end up with him laying it in. And he was one of the first to pioneer just launching 3s on a fast break.

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Cool idea Apricot. Mine is pretty self explanatory, I often feel like a grouch and I feel that comes across in my commentary. I've contemplated changing it several times as I am not very attached to it but have not had many fun potential Warriors-related nickname ideas. Some great ones in this thread though.

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Offense and defense efficiency for teams in the Pacific Division:

Kings: #2 in offense, #24 in defense

Clippers: #17 in offense, #11 in defense

Suns: #19 in offense, #7 in defense

Warriors: #12 in offense, #20 in defense

Lakers: #20 in offense, #19 in defense

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Warriors stats:


2 in points scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (118.6)

28 in points in paint (44.4)

10 in fastbreak points!! (14.8)

12 in offensive efficiency

12 in shooting % (47.9%)

3 in three point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (38.6%)

7 in two point % !!!!!!!! (56.3%)

21 in off. rebound % (22.9%)

14 in def. rebound % (76.2%)

23 in total rebound % (49.1%)

7 in opponent blocks!!!!!!! (4.1)

24 in opponent steals (7.8)

1 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (29.9)

29 in turnovers (16.4)


27 in points allowed (118.5)

16 in opponent points in paint (50.2)

15 in opponent fastbreak points (13.7)

20 in defensive efficiency

15 in opponent shooting % (47.4%)

18 in opponent three point % (36.3%)

14 in opponent two point % (54.6%)

28 in blocks (3.7)

16 in steals (7.1)

16 in opponent assists (25.6)

12 in opponent turnovers (14.7)

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Reposting this, now with DOUBLE POINTS offered:

"As some of you are mentioning the meaning of their avatar choice, bonus points to the first who identifies mine." Granted it will take a real Bay Area (or maybe Oregon?) fan to get the answer.

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Gilbert Arenas says Russell Westbrook has the ability to impact teams like Golden State, Philly, Boston, Denver, Milwaukee and Phoenix

“This man alone changes who wins the championship this year”

I absolutely agree with this statement. Kiss your chances of contending for a title goodbye the moment you sign this man.

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FYI, I’m linking this post permanently in the Collections sidebar on the front page.

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Geez this post is epic. I am still reeling from the discovery that I've met Atilla IRL via the local free jazz scene.

My handle is an homage to my favorite Warrior as a child, Tim Hardaway. I tried to emulate him for my whole basketball career, which flamed out shortly after I started playing the bass, and had nothing to do with me being short and slow. I still occasionally watch the old crossover move on YouTube. Nostalgia for the days when carrying was an enforced rule, and point guards moved like running backs.

Thank you to all of you who make this HQ a great one. I'm of the avid reader / infrequent commenter variety, but I love the passionate and thoughtful dialogue here.

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The sweet authenticity and intelligence of the posts, from DNHQ’s beginning, surely a reflection of the creators, prompted me to post here and there under my given name. Now I am emboldened to switch it up as homage to my all-time favorite player followed by a nickname given to me by a co-worker who told me the back story on Thunder (yes, that Thunder!) and shouted “Step away from the computer!” at me from time-to-time.

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I forgot the avatar. Mine is a bunch of carrots pretending to be dynamite wired to an old fashioned clock ready to blow. Artwork be a graphic designer friend of mine. It's a marriage of my life in the restaurant business with the fact that I was a suspect in the Unabomber case - a funny story, but much more innocent than it sounds. It doubles as my '30 Second Carrot Soup' recipe.

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Since this post has exploded (in the best possible way!!) I wanted to echo a call from those down below to do a similar one on what got you into being a fan of the Dubs #FanOrigins

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I wanted to make a new user name, and am a very big fan of Jorge Luis Borges so picked Funes after his story Funes el memorioso = “Funes, The Memorious.” It’s about a guy named Funes who can remember literally every thing in the known world — if I remember right, that is…

It seemed like a nice name to use because it is the real name of a person, even if not my own. I don’t think I have a true Funes level of memory, but at the same time, tiny details about certain experiences sometimes come back to me, and the Warriors have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I cannot for the life of me tell you why, but for some reason I have an extremely vivid memory of watching Jeff Gray (a minor player in an era of teams full of minor players…) shoot free throws against the MJ era Bulls, on a little TV that used to sit in my parents’ bedroom. Obviously they were crushing us. Anyway, I don’t really know a lot about basketball but I’ve enjoyed watching for so long, and when making the name I probably thought, hey, that might be something I could contribute.

My avatar is a painting of the ocean by Gustave Courbet, I chose it very randomly from images sitting on my hard drive but he is a favorite.

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