Alright I changed my mind. Knowing that Draymond should be back in a week or less, I think losing CP3 will help the team post-return as long as Kerr is willing to take the offensive hit that comes with Podziemski playing point guard. Deal with the offensive dropoff and start playing Moody more and with him and Draymond in the Warriors will be much bigger and better defensively, jumpstart their transition game, and restore their proven Curry+Defense winning formula.

A lot of whether they are actually going to be a contender this season depends on Wiggins getting it going, but perhaps if Wiggins has more defensive support behind it will help him establish a rhythm and feel more comfortable offensively.

I don't know how good it looks in the games where Draymond is also out, but whatever. It's time for Kerr to remove Podz' training wheels and see what happens, and this gives them a prime opportunity to do so.

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Of all the dumb things Draymond has said, and boy is that a list with a lot of candidates for dumbest, I think his declaration that the purpose that animates this season is to "win a chip for CP" is the most absurd. I can think of a million reasons to be motivated to win a chip that come before that. To get Steph another to cement his GOAT claims, to being joy to the bay area, to faciliatate the transistion from veteran to young; to make Klay feel like he hasn't lost it all; to rejuvenate Kerr; to reward a (sometimes) patient fan base; to stick it to the Lakers and Nuggets and Celtics and whomever else we tread upon; to prove the value of our joy-based approached to basketball.

CP being happy is I suppose nice but does not in any way figure into my calculations. Speaking of which, if he's traded for good value tomorrow, I'm emotionally just fine with that. Signing off on that in advance. I mean, do YOU care about CP's feelings and legacy? If anything, we were the destroyers of his legacy and have long taken pride in that.

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So Dray can come back after 12 games off? IF so when would his return date be?


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After a long and Herculean struggle, I’ve finally come up with a trade proposal I like that’s also realistic.

Quite simply, we trade Andrew Wiggins for Nikola Vucevic. They’re roughly equivalent when it comes to point production. Nikola is a much better passer especially when accounting for position and a bette rebounder but Wiggins is a better defense and shooter.

Nikola is a better fit with us due to his ability to pass/shoot allowing him to fit smoothly alongside Draymond. It would allow for us to have solid size in our team with a starting lineup of Curry/Klay/Kuminga/Dray/Nikola and a bench of CP/Podz/Moody/Saric/TJD.

It’s a nice simple trade that helps both teams, is of roughly equivalent value, and fits contract-wise. Any loss defensively with Wiggins is somewhat minimized by TJD’s insertion into consistent game time and the additional size it gives us alongside Saric. What do y’all think?

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Jan 7·edited Jan 7

Man listening to the Warriors +- and they are talking about that secondary ball handler role. JK in the post has shown the patience and willingness to wait for the cutter to come off a screen and hit them for the shot. Even in the scramble he’s found Klay for the open shot on time with his passes. They should stop fixating on a traditional secondary ball handler and think of how effective Bogut was on O before the rise of point Draymond (who has steadily gotten worse, especially in the clutch, as teams figure him out.)

Edit to clarify: because once they get over the fixation of a secondary ball handler from the top then they will be freed to address putting out their best lineups in all the other facets of the game that actually lead to success. And all the players on the team seem to be able to make solid offensive reads (except for Wiggins) so the ball will find efficient shots out there if they play together with purpose for the two months CP is out.

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CP3 out 4-6 weeks. Way better than I expected. Also, he’s had 11 hand surgeries over the years. Didn’t know, sounds like a lot

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This Warriors team has a chance to win it all. Why? Because they have a top 5 guy and a bunch of guys who know basketball.

They have been up big against strong opponents all year. They have been in almost every game!

And they have done all of that with coaches making life hard on the players by randomly playing lineups with no rhyme or reason (at least the reasons they give for the choices sound mostly ridiculous after the fact, and certainly aren’t based on effectiveness or cohesion.)

Once the coaches stop throwing wrenches in the gears and put together purposeful lineups for the stretch run, this team will be able to beat anybody but the Lakers (because of Curry’s deal with the devil) in the playoffs.

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I enjoyed the rewind technique repeatedly used in this E1P, explaining how we got into the situation shown.

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I think Draymond will return Friday @Chicago.

And if my math is correct he's no longer eligible for all-star, all team, DPOY, etc because he won't meet the minimum requirement of 65 games played.

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1 year wedding anniversary youse guys. Headed to Cancun out of St Louis (shoutout Abaddon) anyways wanted to tell yall i have appreciated the interactions over the last year. Well in regards to my wife but also the convos on here.

Also been thinking alot about a trade and I want Zach Lavine. Contract is kinda onerous but its not my money but I think a lineup of Steph, Lavine, Wiggins, Dray, and TJd spaces decently. Then bring Klay, PodZ, Looney, off the bench. Flight boarding talk soon

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Hey EA. Fun as always. I don't think your suggestion that TJD should never switch/help when JK is guarding has been fairly evaluated. Sure, it didn't work in that one clip, but I'm not so sure they got the message. If JK was told that no one was going to help, he may have positioned himself differently.

Personally, I don't think ANY defender can stop most quality NBA scorers one on one and there should pretty much always be a help scheme BUT it's hard to do right and when done wrong, well, look at the layup by Cade you were talking about. It's one of the reasons the Warriors were so good at the height of their powers: because everyone knew how to play D TOGETHER and knew where to be and when to help (any combination of Klay, Dray, Iggy, Bogut, Barnes, KD when motivated, Sean, David West, Pachulia, McGee Barnes and a few others and even Steph though he wasn't so good one on one, knew how to play together and who should do what). I really think that is the thing that the youngsters have to learn the most and why JK sometimes gets pulled even though the one on one stuff looks good. It's also why TJD may not yet be ready to take over for Loon 100%.

Incidentally, while I basically agree and feel the same, I think it's interesting that fans are so attached to JK and were so ready to get rid of KOJ (but then I liked KOJ more than most and i was sorry his ego couldn't get out of his own way) when they are kind of similar ability players. I think the difference is attitude and willingness to learn and be part of the team, but maybe it's just high draft pick vs free agent ...

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Given that starting lineups vs bench lineups are nothing more than fun but useless wastes of time due to the lack of hockey subs, I’d like to ask a different question. Which lineups would you like to see more of (mixing “starters” and “bench”).

For me, I’ve been a big fan of the Paul/Podz/Klay/Kuminga/Saric lineup every time it hits the floor. Just a blithering offensive lineup with Paul/Podz/Kuminga providing enough defense to be a very nice squad. Another lineup I’ve really liked (and one I’ve wanted starting for a bit) is the Paul/Curry/Klay/Kuminga/Looney lineup. Sure, they give up some size but Paul still being tough defensively, Kuminga’s elite athleticism and newfound dedication to rebounding, and Looney’s elite rebounding all help mitigate that.

Anywaaays, what are some of ur preferred lineups?

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One very important rumor with Siakim is that the Sixers are likely to offer him a max contract in fa so whichever team he gets traded to is very likely a rental. Which is why no teams willing to include much for him now including us.

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Can addition of Dray make Wiggs-JK pairing more effective? Steph-Klay-Wiggs-JK-Dray line up is -3.7 in 25 min played this season.

O=109.3 D=113.0 N=-3.7 (that's a really bad Ortg and reasonable Dtrg).

During that stretch of games, Klay and Wiggs were playing like crap on offensive end. JK was probably playing with sword hanging over his head. With both of that changed, I wonder if and how that lineup especially it's offensive numbers will be better. Kerr/MDJ would want to give the pairing/line up a decent runway before pulling the plug on one of JK or Wiggs.

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I'm thinking we will make a smaller deal including Cp3, maybe Moody and or picks. Gordon Hayward? Bogdan? Could be someone no one thought of also.

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