The incredible shrinking hardon strikes again.

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Wow. Celtics took a 10 point-lead 5:23 into the 1st quarter. They failed to score for 3+ minutes, and the 76ers climbed all the way to take the lead back.

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I'm hoping that the Warriors, particularly the young players, are staying away from social media.

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jordan Poole is completely wrong in this article


- In 15 minutes he can destroy leads, creat fouls and generally f*** it up all in favor of the other team.

Frankly JP, and seeing JK in the 4th quarter playing like he is amongst lower mortals makes me really keen to see these spoil sports get shipped out this post season

Anybody here have examples of other supporting cast cause such shitty vibes for the DUBS over the last 14 years?

Update: link fixed - thank you @Being

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What a great E1P - "Mother Muffin warrios" - thats just EPIC!

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May 5, 2023·edited May 5, 2023

Draymond attributes his game 2 improvement to assistant coach DeMarco. Strength in Numbers, baby.


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Klay Thompson in the 2018-2019 playoffs (21 games): 57.5% TS on 22.1% USG

Klay Thompson in the 2022-2023 playoffs (9 games): 57.9% TS on 24.2% USG

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May 5, 2023·edited May 5, 2023

MPG rank (min>5) :

sac 1: curry, klay, green, loon, wigs, jp, gp2, ddv, jk

sac 2: curry, wigs, klay, green, gp2, loon, jp, ddv, mm

sac 3: curry, klay, wigs, loon, jp, ddv, mm, jk, jmg, lamb

sac 4: curry, klay, wigs, loon, green, jp, ddv, gp2, mm

sac 5: curry, wigs, loon, klay, green, jp, ddv, gp2

sac 6 curry, klay, wigs, loon, jp, green, ddv, mm, gp2

sac 7: green, curry, wigs, klay, loon, jp, gp2, mm, ddv

lal 1: curry, klay, green, wigs, jp, loon, ddv, gp2, jmg, mm

lal 2: klay, wigs, curry, ddv, green, mm, jp, jmg, loon, jk, gp2, lamb

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After the mass school shooting that included the murder of eight children and a security guard at a Belgrade school, Dallas star Luka Doncic has committed to pay for those funeral services and grief counseling for classmates and staff.

Doncic has deep family ties to the Belgrade, Serbia region and a spokesperson for the Luka Doncic Foundation tells ESPN of his immediate plans to take care of the funerals and counseling -- and a long-term commitment to provide whatever other assistance is needed.


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Steve Kerr on Budenholzer: "My first response is not shock but disappointment ... this is the business we're in. Expectations for every team are so high, and only one team can win. We all believe Bud deserved better, but we're all aware this is the job we chose."


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NBA officials tonight:

76ers vs. Celtics: Scott Foster (#48), Ben Taylor (#46), Mark Lindsay (#29), Aaron Smith (#51)

Suns vs. Nuggets: Zach Zarba (#15), James Williams (#60), Sean Corbin (#33), Justin Van Duyne (#64)

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I want to personally apologize for doubting JMG the GOAT

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I think EVERYONE is missing the key to the Warriors win. It was Poole's quick foul trouble that limited his time on the court! Let's hope he can repeat that performance -better than hitting some 3s and giving up that or more on the other side...

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@Tim Kawakami

5/4/23 7:56pm during game 2

“Poole walked into the tunnel after he was taken out and Iguodala went down there with him. Now Poole is back for Curry.“

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So, something's been niggling at my brain for the last couple hours.

Before the series started, Timpf predicted that the Dubs would need to run a lot of high PnR with Curry to counteract the AD-led paint defense of the Lakers. He was fairly certain that their base motion offense wasn't going to cut it, and talked extensively about how the Lakers perimeter defenders because of their length and athleticism would most likely be able to successfully top-lock the Dubs' guards and chase over the screens successfully with back pressure. High PnR counters that as it pulls everything further out and AD can't drop as deep into the paint as he does, creating greater space in the paint. High PnR also gives Curry more room to operate as he can reject the screen or the screener can flip the screen, which gives him an extra option forcing the defender to be slow a half step.

And we saw exactly that play out all game 2. Furthermore, we also saw the motion offense work successfully when AD was on the bench.

So the niggle is: If Timpf, who's at best, a lay analyst and commentator, could see this, I have to believe the Dubs' coaches also saw this despite their 36 hour turnaround to Game 1. Then, why didn't they execute this earlier?

Game 1 essentially came down to a random ending where the Dubs tried motion offense all game, and eventually went down double-digits after hitting brick wall after brick wall. In the closing minutes, they switched it up and went to more Curry-centric high PnR, closed the gap, and they made it a random ending game. If they had gone to this strategy just a few minutes earlier, their chances of winning the game would've improved. Why not try it Q2? or Q3 after it was clear the motion offense was stalling and the Lakers were flirting with double-digit leads?

I get the reasons for not doing this as a default G1 offense, and I get why the motion offense gets everyone involved better, but goddamn, G1 and G2 offenses were night and day, and it really feels like the Dubs missed an opportunity by not making an earlier adjustment during G1. Was it Kerr's stubbornness at trying to hold onto his motion offense and make it work in spite of 3.5 quarters (as well as 3 regular season games) of evidence that it wasn't working? Or did the Dubs just not see it until the end of the game? Or am I overstating this one adjustment, and G2 was actually about something else altogether?

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May 5, 2023Liked by Eric Apricot

Nice to be transitioning from the old mother cupcake warriors. Rebranding FTW.

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