Durant, Iguodala, and the Warriors big trade all have Dub Nation feeling some type of way

Last night, Dub Nation was wracked with the pangs of nostalgia as three NBA developments reminded them of their past, present, and future. Here’s the three different events involving Golden State wings that kept the Warriors and their fans buzzing.

Curry and KD remind us that there’s no hard feelings

The Warriors got beatdown 129-88 in their lone trip to Brooklyn last night. It was a perfunctory waxing fueled by Brooklyn’s sharp play and a Warriors lineup comprised of D’Angelo Russell, Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, and hella youngsters still wet behind the ears.

Yet there was a tender moment after the loss that penetrated through the deep scar tissue covering Warriors’ fans hearts. Former Warrior Kevin Durant affectionately approached his former Golden State teammates and coaching staff after the game, sharing an extended embrace with his former Splash Cousin, Stephen Curry.

Watching that opened up the floodgates of memories:

  • Durant shocking the world and announcing he was coming to the Warriors July 4th, 2016

  • The Warriors players being booed by American fans during Team USA practices for KD’s decision

  • The Dubs destroying Oklahoma City for the cupcakes mascot while KD was hurt

  • The 16-1 playoff record in 2017 as the “Hamptons 5” lineup was unleashed

  • KD helping the Warriors break Houston’s spine and ending Cavaliers basketball

  • Durant winning Finals MVP’s twice while Curry giddily cheered him on

  • Talk shows and NBA Twitter discussing KD’s allegedly distantly demeanor EVERY DAY

  • Draymond screaming at KD about his commitment to the team’s future and revealing a fracture in the team

  • KD’s brilliant final GSW postseason run being derailed by horrific calf/Achilles injuries

  • The completely stupid “are the Warriors better with/without KD?” narrative

  • His departure forcing the Warriors to make tough financial decisions about their future

I could go on and on about the massive impact Durant had on the franchise and the league during his three seasons with the team. He made the squad unbeatable when healthy.

When KD left, a huge contingent of Dub Nation responded with, “Wow being a part of the greatest team ever wasn’t enough for you? Aiite, it’s all good bro, hope you find happiness in Brooklyn, we’re good over here”. (Check the comments from GSoM here)

Underlying all of that is the pain that the Bay Area (particularly Oakland) fans have felt as as great players (like Chris Webber and Randy Moss) and franchises (Raiders and Warriors) have left the 510 despite the fanatical support.

These fans have learned to love hard while resigning themselves to how quickly it all can end.

So, with all that history in mind, watching Curry embrace Durant like a long lost brother activated all the feels. Seeing the two injured legends chat it up in suits made me wistfully remember when they shared the same jersey, and I look forward to the day when both of their jerseys hang in the rafters in Chase Center.

KD, we ain’t mad atcha! Heal up soon!

The Warriors lost two great friends at the trade deadline

I wrote this following the Warriors’ win Monday:

Last night’s scoring binge was a team effort with six Dubs scoring in double-figures. They were led by reserve Alec Burks (30 points on 9-of-17 shooting, 5-of-10 from downtown) and starter Glenn Robinson III (22 points on 8-of-13 shooting, 2-of-4 from deep).

With the trade deadline looming in two days, there’s a strong chance that both of those guys could be moved to a contender thirsty for a helpful piece. It’s bittersweet watching those guys ball out knowing full well that each bucket they score is only making them look more appealing to other GM’s.

Right before last night’s game started, word circulated that Burks and GRIII were being held out of the game to protect them for a pending trade. After the blowout, the reports came in that they were indeed going to Philadelphia. Coach Steve Kerr described them as beloved elder statesmen whose absences severely affected the team last night.

These two guys grew on Dub Nation throughout the season with their heart and legit 3-and-D skillsets. There were several games where I thought to myself, “Damn if we had one of these guys last year in the Finals when KD and Klay went down, we’d have a threepeat”.

I’m glad that they’re getting a chance to play for a contender, and they will be missed.

Iguodala: Welcome to Miami

Okay so the KD reunion and the trade of two beloved hoopers already had me feeling a bit wistful and contemplative.

And then the bombshell drops that Warriors legend Andre Iguodala had been liberated from his exile to Memphis, and is now joining a suddenly terrifying Miami Heat squad. WOW!

The long running subplot for GSW fans this year season was that Iguodala would probably sit out the season after being shipped out in the financial fallout of the KD trade. Then, the former Finals MVP would return back to the Dubs next year and kickstart the next phase of the dynasty. There was too much “evidence” to discount the thought as a pipe dream.

Then you add Curry coming to Iguodala’s defense when those young jabronis from Memphis started talking reckless about hall-of-famers.

It just made too much sense for Iguodala’s return to the franchise that defined his career.

And that’s then the mystical hoops sorcerer Pat Riley swooped in with a godfather offer to get Iguodala to South Beach. Pretty ideal scenario for ‘Dre though, amirite? Good weather, a young contender, and the chance to create a hellacious defense along with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.


Even though it didn’t work out in the Warriors favor, it’s pretty cool to see Iguodala to keep polishing that awesome basketball resume in an ideal situation.