DubNation Diary 3: Steph pivots, chats, prays, dances

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Writing out my daily observations with your Golden State Warriors sometimes makes me reassess the experience and feel blessed all over again. Sometimes the things that happen behind-the-scenes end up being more memorable than the performance on the court

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[This update made it very late into PMC’s last epic diary entry, so I’m pulling it out to make sure you see it. - Apricot.]


Morning shootaround with #squad ended better than it started. Luckily, Stephen Curry was hanging out with assistant Bruce Fraser aka “Q” and I knew DubNation wanted to see him so I started filming.

As for Steph, it looked like he was chatting about pivot feet with Q, then they moved on to approach 2015 championship teammate Justin Holiday, who was hanging by the visiting team’s tunnel.


And Curry was spotted chatting with some VIP fans in attendance again, then signing some autographs. That’s the second time I’ve seen that in as many games. I wonder if those are just one-offs or if he’s going to be making pregame cameos a regular thing. Again, his target return date for an NBA game is March 1. Got a long way to go.


I’d heard from Chase security guards that there would be a church service of sorts. Now ever since we peeped Steph at Kanye West’s thing — which was incredible to watch btw (on YouTube), I’ve noticed more and more of it going around. Btw the following is best viewed portrait mode on a smartphone:

The Warriors played a sample of it (not sure if it was actually Kanye’s or not) in the Biofreeze training room next to mini-Oracle after the game two nights prior, and suddenly there was an actual one happening at Chase postgame.

In fact, I darted in for a glance whilst waiting for DLo, dashing back-and-forth through the tunnel. I didn’t see Steph. Then I decided to go back and wait for DLo. Meanwhile, this was happening:

Well, after I got out of the Bonta Hill, er, DLo session, sure enough right at that corner where you turn for the corridor to the media room and/or visiting locker room, were Ayesha Curry and Steph, arm-in-arm.

He stopped and gave the three or four security guards a mini-“Jones BBQ” set, like just five seconds, nothing major. But it was fun. Steph being Steph, I mean, #StephGonnaSteph. Ayesha was with him, she laughed, and they went on their way to the Chase parking garage. It was too late for me to pull out my iPhone and record — would’ve been corny for Steph to have seen me do that and it’s kinda good now he’s seen me without my phone out two out of the last three times. For reference, here’s him doing the Jones BBQ dance at Oracle after the 2017 championship:

10-and-37 and I’m (still) loving every minute of it! Wait, “37”!!! 😱