FWIW I'm going with the Wizards because they were dead and buried and had to go 16-6 just to make the playoffs (and all 5 regular season losses were last second heartbreakers, with a combined deficit of 10!).

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Dame has 8 threes at the half, and Portland's still fighting from behind. Possible record watch.

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I’m rooting for the Sixers. To prove the Process right once and for all. And to destroy the myth of whatever value the “Treadmill of Mediocrity” still has left to whoever out there.

Plus, it will finally lay the truth of the NBA bare for all to see: To win titles, you need, above all else, a sound plan that garners you elite level talent that fits well together. Nothing else (not respectability, not moral victories) serves as a substitute.

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I'm just rooting for Utah. Why? I picked them while shaving this morning.

JK. I like how none of the familiar top players that are discussed in the playoffs are on the team. No Westbrook, Paul, Harden, Irving, Durant, etc. New blood getting rings wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

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This article is hella funny Apricot

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My personal preferences for who wins now that the Warriors are out:

1-2 (tie): Portland/Denver

3-4: Philadelphia/Miami


16: Lakers

As for who I think is LIKELY to win, I dunno. The West feels like such a mess right now, it seems likely to be Philly or Brooklyn, but there are plenty of teams that could potentially win it.

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I do think it interesting that fans focus on the far end of the bench as much as the heart of the line up re how to improve. I have been thinking of Draymond and his 3 pt shooting...wondering if it might make a difference. (thinking it should but not sure it will).

He took 2 attempts per game this year and made only 27% of them. 1.6 points per game average on his 3 point attempts... .8 points per shot.

If next year he takes 3 shots per game, and makes 33% (would be a solid improvement) then he makes 3 points per game average....1.0 points per shot...and he takes away a shot from someone else (unless him shooting eliminates a bad pass turnover where we get zero shots for that possession).

Now, is that enough improvement to a) win more games, b) prevent teams from dropping off Dray due to his bad shooting.

It seems to me that given his terrible history, that it was take a long time for the defenses of the other teams to adjust to covering him vs dropping off him.

OTOH, if he wants to win, and do whatever it takes, I hope he practices a million 3 pt attempts this offseason.

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FA Wishlist:

-Robin Lopez

-Daniel Theis

-McGee reunion anyone?

-Alec Burks

-Nic Batum

-Reggie Bullock

and dare I say.. Austin Rivers? He sucks but... I feel like he would suck less on the Warriors.

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I really enjoy this dub centric take on a dubless playoffs, more please!

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I want the clippers out ASAP. So Kawhi wants to sign and trade to the warriors

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Sixers but I like Bradley Beal. I hope Nets and Lakers not to win the ring. I like a Jazz - Bucks/Heat final

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I'm rooting for Portland even though they've been pretenders in years past. There's no Warriors roadblock for them this year so if they can squeeze past Denver there might be room for a run. I'm also rooting for the Suns to eliminate the Lakers so there's no chance of a repeat but after that they go can go straight back to the desert! As long as KD and Lebron doesn't win another ring I don't really care who does.

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Sixers, I guess. But I don't care much, other than whoever can knock off Brooklyn gets my vote.

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Sixers, with homage to Dr. J

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Sixers, for all the reasons noted in the OP and by the posters below.

Plus, if my horse isn’t in the race, and the underdog isn’t particularly lovable, give me the team that’s clearly going to win. I got enough stress this season rooting for the Warriors.

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