Dub Nation is giving thanks for Warriors giving a beating to 76ers

The worst thing you can do is get up double-digits on Golden State.

If I had to explain why the Golden State Warriors are so terrifying in only one sentence, it’d be tough. There’s a few that immediately come to mind, like:

  • Steph Curry exists.

  • Steve Kerr is the greatest coach of all time.

  • Draymond Green will ruin everything you want to do.

But then I think of crazy stats like this that defy all conventional understanding of how sports work:

Curry, Kerr, and Green were on the Warriors team last year and although it was a fun season, that team UNDEFEATED IN EVERY GAME THEY TRAILED BY DOUBLE DIGITS. Wtf?!

Okay so what’s the sentence to sum up this league best 16-2 start, the line that brings it all together?

Hmm what about, “Their defense will completely shut down your offense while their offense simultaneously nukes you into dust particles”. Meh, let’s workshop that some more later, but you get my drift.

The Warriors know each game is a long one, and the race is not given to whoever has the lead at halftime. Golden State exhausts you, pulling you further and further away from the shores of conventional basketball wisdom; the waves of three-pointers and dunks dragging your exhausted franchise into the deep dark sea where the bones of hoopers past rest.

I can’t recall which Warrior it was that in an interview talked about how the Splash Bros era Warriors never feared nine-point deficits because that’s just three stops and three shots for them, maybe that was Kerr who said it? IDK. But in the modern NBA the three-ball proliferation makes momentum swing sharply, and the Warriors are king of the modern era, so a 19-point deficit to them probably just means “hey guys let’s play 7 minutes of locked in basketball and we’ll take their souls”.

When Seth Curry converted a four foot pullup to make it 53-34 with 5:12 to go in the second quarter, he sealed Philly’s fate. As Steph’s little brother, he should have known better than to tick off his big bro. He may play for the City of Brotherly Love, but on the court Steph is not his brother’s keeper. #CURRYBATTLE

Their parents must be so proud. And Dub Nation can be proud of the defensive monster that GSW’s coaching staff has birthed as well. The Warriors brought Philly’s momentum to a screeching halt after Philly took that 19-point lead in the second quarter, Golden State outscored Phildelphia 82-43.

Here’s a look at Philly’s second half shot chart:

There’s a whole lotta red X’s out there! Meanwhile the Warriors offense came alive at the 5:12 mark of that second period, going 31-of-51 from the field the rest of the way and turning a 19-point deficit into a 20-point victory. That is RIDICULOUS:

And people really wanted to gut this team to acquire Ben Simmons, whose box score last night was brought to you by Coke Zero: 0 minutes, 0 points scored, 0 rebounds snagged, 0 steals.

Say what you want about Andrew Wiggins being overpaid in Minnesota and underperforming, but he at least was PLAYING lmao. Folks really wanted to wipe out the cupboards of the team’s future to acquire a guy who is mostly known FOR BEING BROKEN BY TRAE YOUNG. The audacity! But did you see Wiggins snatch Danny Green’s ankles in revenge for Klay’s ACL?

Wiggins scored 19 points and was one of six Warriors in double figures last night, with Juan Toscano-Anderson and Otto Porter Jr. contributing major energy off the bench. Nate P. asked me earlier this season if this was actually the deepest bench the Dubs have had in the Curry era and although it seemed kinda blasphemous at first…this year’s Dubs really have a squadron of reserves I’d trust to make winning plays.

Last night Nemanja Bjelica and Jonathan Kuminga played a combined 10 minutes; on any given night those guys could shift the momentum of a game Golden State’s way with bursts of positive impact. Meanwhile OPJ hit on 4-of-5 attempts from downtown while JTA shot 100% from the field on his way to 13 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assist in 25 minutes. Folks, he put shotblocking center Andre Drummond on Kodak film.

Draymond Green and Kevon Looney need to wear overalls and hard hats, because they are the kings of dirty work. One of the biggest complaints about the Warriors’ offseason moves was not acquiring an imposing big man. Well, this team has won 16 out of 18 games behind the steady work of Green and Looney, and they have a Mutant X project in James Wiseman being assembled as we speak behind the scenes.

What a team!

Happy Thanksgiving folks, eat that grub like the Warriors are eating up the league. WHO’S NEXT!?