I hadn't heard the Simmons podcast, but I was doing the same thing as regards SAS. My goal is getting under the 2nd Apron (179,500,000), because if I was Joe Lacob, I would tell my GM that is his #1 job.

Poole & GP2 to SAS for Zach Collins and as many picks as we can squeeze out of them. Cap Impact: -29.7 mil.

Lester Q, Ty & Lamb are all added on minimums. At this point, all 3 have had a year in the system, so this makes the back third of your roster a bit more reliable.

Draymond re-ups, but year 1 he is going to take a 6 mil haircut and just accept that this is his penance for wrecking last year.

This team is 350k UNDER the 2nd Apron.

Starters: Curry-Klay-Wiggs-JK-Looney

Bench: Lester Q (or Ty interchangable)-Moody-PBJ-Dray-Zach Collins

Backend: Ty-Rollins-Lamb & #19 Pick (Kris Murray, Trace-Jackson, L Miller?)

I have no problem with replacing Poole & GP2 minutes with combinations of more minutes for JK, Moody, Lester & Ty. Zach Collins finally gives the team the backup center with a 3-point shot they desperately need. We will miss the highs that Poole provided, but we won't get the same lows either with Moody-Lester-Ty, whom I feel would give the Warriors a better level of consistency at the guard spot. It's not the greatest, but this roster is under the 2nd Apron. And if Kerr would coach to the strengths of the players on this roster, this team would be competitive.

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Here is something that has been bothering me for many days. The Warriors fell on their face this season. We struggled to get to the playoffs, and our road record was never rectified. The development of our young guys and their roles were never implemented in any meaningful way. They struggled all year long. So, how does the coaching staff not take the brunt of responsibility for this fiasco? Kerr looked like he was at a loss to come up with anything new and stuck within his own system. Is this not a sign that a change is needed? Is Lacob so stuck inside of his memories of glory that he doesn't see the handwriting on the wall? Poole has nothing but upside and fans want to run him out of town only to be drawn back to the failure of the coaching to move forward with an aging team which is financially handicapped and can't find any real help due to the cap holds and taxes. We continue to think 2 way contracts and vet mins. are the way to go. Dumpster diving is not the answer. This coaching staff needs shaking up. They are too set in their ways. Either it's time for Kerr to go, or clean house and begin again. It's hard for me to think Lacob can be happy with this situation. He is a fan like us. He wants to win and has said he will do what it takes to win. That was his promise to the fan base when he took over. Now, that becomes a reality once again for us. All cycles come to an end. How can there not be a big change a-coming?

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No Spoilers: conflicted on Succession finale. Some threads wrapped up neatly but felt the show needed another half season to make sense of it all.

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Was listening to Bill Simmons blab about the new CBA on my ride home and he offhandedly mentioned the idea that the new CBA is so onerous that the Warriors might be forced to do something like trade Poole to the Spurs for picks this summer.

Made me think though...wouldn't the Spurs actually be a good trade partner? Poole's horrific defense might turn some teams off but maybe not the team with Wembanyama holding down the paint? The Spurs have Tre Jones as their starting PG so it's not like they have a top PG or top prospect holding the spot down. Spurs have a ton of cap space but aren't usually a free agent destination, other than LaMarcus Aldridge who have they really signed? And that was when they were really good, not the worst team in the league. They are far under the salary cap and as a result could completely absorb Poole's contract without sending any salary back in return. They also have a ton of draft capital in the coming years.

Could the Warriors trade Poole for McDermott and Collins and as many picks as they can get from the Spurs? McDermott makes 13.7M and Collins makes 7.7M and both are expiring contracts so both of those contracts could be packaged out with the newly acquired picks to get back rotation guys (or perhaps they keep Collins). Warriors shed about 7 million in the deal too. McDermott and a pick could maybe get you Olynyk from a tanking Jazz team? Collins+Rollins+two picks could maybe get you Caruso from a tanking Bulls team?

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Not sure if this was shared yet, but Warriors dropped a reel of Kuminga dunks on the season and as you might expect, there are some jaw-droppers: https://youtu.be/FRgm2XGtcY0

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Random but it's kind of funny how our 3-1 cougher in 2016 overshadowed the Thunder's 3-1 choke completely. I understand the stage wasn't as big as ours but its legit never talked about.

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Dray+Poole to the Suns for KD with Dray on a sign and trade. The Warriors do it because if you can't win a championship with a starting 5 of Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Durant, and Looney (if healthy) you need to start firing coaches. The Warriors keep the youngsters while saving $6M. Plus it makes the Dray-Poole dynamic somebody else's problem (or a 3rd team could be involved to split them up). The Suns do it because CP3 is old and they are pretty thin at forward in any case so will need one coming back.

Suns aren't going to do this trade though as they invested too much in getting KD to trade him out again after 1/2 season. [Edit: but they might if JK was included which also works]

[Edit 2: oops, works with Moody but not JK]

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Jokic rookie tape: https://t.co/j0pc60rJbG

Just so we know who should be dominating the Finals.

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Trading Places: Jordan Poole to Utah for Jordan Clarkson + 2025 1st Rd pick via MIN. Same player, but Clarkson a little more consistent and hasn't been punched by Dray .... yet. Utah does it because they liked the fit with Clarkson and they can have that for the next 4 years with Poole. They have a ton of picks, so letting one go to take a chance on Poole as a building block is a good play. GS does it because we get the same player who would be a little more reliable/predictable, also has made a living coming off the bench which has proved problematic with Poole. 1 year rental, Lester should take his spot in the lineup after that. It's also 14.4 million off the cap.

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rewatching game 6 of the boston series last year and the “DPOY” ducking the steph smoke in the 4th quarter was embarrassing. leaving horford on an island with 30 in crunch time makes no sense at all and smart should get his award revoked just for that.

the steph ‘ring me’ celebration midway through the 3rd only up 22 is the craziest thing ever too looking back at it. the disrespect. i love it.

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EA’s “buy 6 get one free” joke goes straight over my head… I wish I got the joke, haha

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