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But last year, [JaMychal] Green's long-distance shooting numbers dropped to 26.6%. He attributed this to a nagging wrist injury and said, "Toward the end of the season I just stopped shooting, period."

"It's all about rest and confidence," Green said. "As long as I get my reps in this summer, I'll be good to go. I was just fighting through some things last year... it's going to get up."

Full article: https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/34329785/jamychal-green-say-no-golden-state-warriors-calls-steve-kerr-draymond-green

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First question, Jamychal said he was ready to sign somewhere else before Kerr called him to tell him they wanted him.

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Officially official.

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I repost here my funny proposal, feel free to throw 🍅🍅🍅

I’ve been thinking about the contracts situation, and a possible solution came to my mind. I humbly hereby propose it to Joe Lacob.

Call a meeting, with:

- Bob Myers

- Steve Kerr

- Steph Curry

- Klay Thompson

- Draymond Green

- Andrew Wiggins

- Jordan Poole


- Andre Iguodala (because of his charisma and because he's a finance man)

- Kevon Looney (because he's the wisest)

, and in such meeting, PLAN TOGETHER the financial and sport matters, max contracts included, for the next 4 seasons.

Isn't that an idea? What do you think?

For name's sake, we will call it 'The fellowship of the Many Rings' (this should keep us patent-wise safe from that bully JR Tolkien guy)

PS sorry if I sound slightly communist here, but you certainly know that in Italy there’s likely the strongest communist party of all westerner countries 😄

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I admire Bill Russell more for what he did off the court than on. Pre-civil rights bill, when states deemed segregation legal, he walked fearlessly with MLK Jr to help end it. He supported Muhammed Ali when the public pilloried him for conscientiously objecting his draft. Would Curry or any superstar, besides Kaepernick, have the courage to do the same? None have demonstrated THAT level of courage or cultural consciousness. Rest in peace Mr Russell. Your championships off the court were more spectacular than on.

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Bill Russel And Nichelle Nichols (aka the one and only original Uhura of Star Trek fame).

Two trail blazers in their own right. They were both champions in life. They broke down barriers as daunting and oppressive as the Tholian Web. They were beacons for generation and even Next Generations. They went up against Klingons and Wilt Chamberlain and prevailed against all odds. They both boldly went where no one had gone before. Bill will be remembered forever, his name evoked each time a Championship is won, a trophy raised in triumph by the MVP of the series. Nichelle will be remembered for kissing another Bill, our Rocket Man William Shatner, a cinematic backboard shattering slam dunk if there ever was one.

Godspeed. I am honored to have lived in their time and to have been a witness to their honor, truth and value. They will be missed.

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RIP Bill Russell. He’s maybe the #1 player all time where I’d be interested to see how he’d fare in todays game. A lot of people think his game wouldn’t translate. I think he’d bring a Draymond like IQ/competitiveness in a 6’10 240 lb frame and maybe the most athletic C in the league.

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I‘m on holiday in Rhodes, Greece and whose jersey are they selling in the small shops in the old town center?? Messi, Ronaldo … and Steph! (For 15 € so not quite NBA approved 😆)

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I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere.

Warriors Sign Pat Spencer To Exhibit 10 Deal


Here's a quick vid on Spencer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uczqQu5K338

BB-ref lists him at 6-3, 205lb. He'll join the trio of guards Mac, LQ, QW in training camp. He is 26 and most likely training camp fodder, but as the video mentioned, he is an exceptional athlete and shot both 80%+ FT and 46% from 3 last year(7/15) in the G.

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Bill Russell, the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics' dynasty that won eight straight titles and 11 overall during his career, died Sunday. The Hall of Famer was 88.


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Response to two things Apricot posted during the week, both of which I missed earlier:

1 Q: "Now to have a fourth championship that validates the other 3 and shuts up all the worst critics..." A: Oh you dreamer. The worst critics never shut up. They're just clearing their throats momentarily in the wake of this upsetting championship; yet merely briefly regrouping. We're already hearing the "Draymond is terrible, how dare he expect a max" salvo that is only going to get salvoier as the contract negotiation drags on. My own view is that age might be a reason not to give him (or anyone) a max, but otherwise, give him the bank. The entirety of why Draymond is not appreciated appropriately by many out there is the fact that fans, commentators and, shockingly, even front office types seem mesmerized by points per game as a definitive and sole measure. If that stat is low, you're bad, the end. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but if a Certain Player is the best defender in the game, that's roughly equivalent in value to being the best offensive player; and Draymond also adds tremendous value on offense beyond ppg. As a comp, Lillard and Beal are fantastic scorers with fat contracts (although, to be fair, younger), but they give a lot away on the defensive end, so I'd argue worth less of a team's money than Draymond.

2. Eric also takes to task "complaints in the comments about Looney's not developing more of an offensive game." As someone who thus complained -- (I like to call it not "complaint" but "bravely and charmingly bringing thoughtful and treasured debate to light for the grotesquely unenlightened who desperately need my help in approaching The Truth, and reaching for the stars," but OK, it's cool, we can go with "complained") -- as one who thus complained I would like to note for the record that I do not dispute any of the main points made. I know Looney has had lots of injuries. I know he's not lazy. I accept that he has worked on his game. I do know that all pros quickly trounce non-pros -- and have even posted on YT in support of Scalabrine to that very point, and in a brush with Online Greatness, lots of people liked my post; hooray me, my life is complete when I get a thousand thumbs up, I now get to go to Social Media Valhalla ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3zQoy6lL2Y&t=1s&ab_channel=DuncanRobinson )

I remain unpersuaded, however, in the Looney case, by the "role player" argument that I saw a few times this week and that Eric articulates as "shootups and postups are unimportant to this team." I think this is a case of putting a brave face on a suboptimal situation. If Looney could *reliably* make a midrange shot or drive or post move, no fan or coach would become less happy. Points are good and making defenders play him honestly is even better, to open space for our best shooters. No one would say "Well, we prefer Steph threes only, so stop consistently making those open jumpers." (OK "jumper" isn't the right word for a Looney shot, but you know what I mean). So Eric's point is that it would take a ton of development to get him to that point. OK, I'm sold. Let's have a ton *more* development. I think that's what fans have a right to hope for. I don't guarantee it will lead to success, and I do see his many other contributions. I just think it was fair to ask incandescent shooter Steph to be a better rebounder, defender, screen setter and driver, so he bulked up and worked on those things; and by parallel, it would be nice to see Looney develop his offense. I think we're selling him short to say "You've improved as a rebounder, you play great defense now, you've had a hard go of it, we know you can score against non-NBA players, so don't bother working on an NBA-level midrange shot." I say: reach for greatness, Kevon, become Mo Speights.

(Yes, I see the seeming irony that I have defended Draymond as a max guy even though he, too, does not have the full offensive game. OK, Draymond, in between pods, get down to the gym and ask a shot doctor to surgically remove the backpack...)

More generally and less snidely, I do love that this site encourages spirited debate. It's crucial to me that we can love our team and players and still point out deficiencies. In my view, we fans owe our heroes nothing less than spirited and supportive critique. Right? Can I keep doing that and not lose my DNHQ membership card, which I've been flashing to bouncers and immediately getting beyond the velvet rope?

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Ot id like a separate thread on oubre.

1. From Warriors perspective who would they have kept off the roster if they had signed him to a reasonable 2 or 3 year deal. I suspect it would have been GP.

In that case nobody probably would say it would've been better to assign oubre.

But what if the decision was to let JAT go. Would the Warriors have been a better deeper team in that case.

On the other hand the Warriors won the championship. I am sure that the hornets did not contend.

Oubre Came off the bench almost all year.

Do you think he regrets not signing with the Warriors for a little less money.

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