Draymond x Paul Rivera (podcast): Another introspective Q&A

I’ve said this before, but Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green is one of the most introspective ppl you’ll ever meet. And you’ll get that sense again as you watch Paul Rivera’s latest podcast episode with him

In fact, what Green said about taking the time out of the “rat race” to appreciate everything is at the core of what I do for LetsGoWarriors, all those behind-the-scenes moments.

I’ve always known I was blessed to watch the Warriors workout and shoot around on a day-to-day basis. That’s why I passed up other opportunities — was even offered to write for Bleacher Report — because I just wanted to keep sharing what I saw and maybe get paid for it (still barely surviving; YouTube revenues are a bitch 😂).

Check out the timestamps below for the podcast’s topics of conversation, which include a great story about Green and NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans where he thought he lost his wallet, and what Maverick Carter — that whole group of friends with Rich Paul and LeBron James (and former Draymond enemy Tristan Thompson) seems very tight-knit — did when they found out he didn’t, how not even legendary equipment manager Eric Housen could get into the locker room due to the covid-19 pandemic and the day the NBA was suspended, how he found out by watching on TV, and taking pictures with fans, plus much more. TIMESTAMPS ARE BELOW THE YOUTUBE EMBED and also in the comments of the actual YouTube post:

0:30 P: “I have hair”

1:00 when Draymond got a tech

4:15 All-Star Weekend NOLA

5:45 lost his watch/wallet/money

6:00 Maverick Carter 😂

7:00 Hazel’s birthday

8:30 when Adam Silver suspended NBA

9:00 Warriors/Nets supposed to be in front of no fans

10:15 Draymond found out NBA suspended on TV

11:00 crediting Adam Silver and removal of Donald Sterling

12:00 getting texts about NBA suspended

15:00 Eric Housen

15:45 Jordan Poole needed to get his stuff from locker room

18:00 covid19 testing

20:00 talking about coronavirus with kids

21:00 perspective/“the rat race”

21:30 appreciating SF’s views

25:00 taking pics with fans

27:00 exercise

28:00 Peloton with Warriors 8a

29:00 “when I get back on that court, imma pass out” 😂

30:00 would’ve had to quarantine if they played Nets

31:30 most Warriors still in town

33:30 control what you can control

34:00 use this time to learn this (NBA) business

35:30 Nike/Converse

37:30 P: “not gonna out-Nike Nike”

38:45 Hazel/kids/naps/Ozark

40:15 “Puerto Rican dominoes” 😂

40:45 stocks/wine “I love money”

41:15 Dorian Dawkins details

48:00 doesn’t think he’ll play another game this NBA season: “I just don’t see how it’s possible” (May 1/June 1)

52:00 NBA game checks, Rich Paul

56:15 both were kids that ate two meals at public schools

56:45 Draymond indeed butchers Steph and Ayesha’s nonprofit Eat Learn Play: “Hunger For Life”