The last time Steph, Dray and Klay played together, Demarcus Cousins was a Warrior

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Draymond will come off the bench & Wiggins out.


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Also, random, how the hell have I been sleeping on Silk Sonic!? I am sure I'm terribly LTTP, but not listening to radio for a long time, what a delightful introduction I just had to their music...

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Pat Bev on CP3 (2 days old but worth watching): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veGfknfKMig

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I remember commenting way back before the losing streak that the solution to the box+1 and/or double teams and traps on Curry was for the other players to make some shots. It isn't a particularly brilliant insight and I'm sure everybody in the Warriors organization from the mop guys on up knew it too but easier said then done. At least for one game, Thompson, Poole, and Wiggins made it look easy so hopefully that continues. It would be refreshing to see Curry go to work against straight man to man coverage. I don't even remember what that looks like anymore.

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Annoying how we get one guy back and then another one goes down lol. Let's hope Wiggins doesn't come back drowsy after a week or two and stink it up in the playoffs

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Happy Birthday Steph! you have brought us so much joy, specially after the Cohan years.

And I want to shout out to the front office in appreciation of picking Loon. He has been so solid for so long. Another shining example of how the staff makes the players play better. Maybe weaponizing joy is something akin to All Work and No Play is a bad idea.

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I know some of us are very high on Wiseman, while others are not.

I do think if you were to flip Wiseman and Kuminga's draft slots (or re-arrange with Moody), it would look like a pretty damn good haul by Myers and Co. I think Wiseman is a perfectly acceptable prospect at #7 or #14. I think Kuminga is well on his way to being a good pick at #2. What do you all think?

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The Wizards are the last team the Warriors have not yet faced this season, right? We get our first close look at Corey Kispert. Or at least I do, because I have not been watching the Wizards.

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Preach it Kevin O'Connor: "I know a lot of fans are tired of talking about the Lakers. But I’m enjoying Losing Time and get the sense that the real drama is just getting started."

Link: https://www.theringer.com/nba/2022/3/14/22976982/lakers-nba-draft-ncaa-tournament

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First game with our Big 3 since ... June 13, 2019. Sigh.

Nice B-Day present for Steph.

We're nearly "Full Voltron"... https://j.gifs.com/vQOooW.gif

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Wizards stats:


21 in points scored (108.3)

4 in points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (49.8)

30 in fastbreak points (9.2)

18 in offensive efficiency

8 in shooting % !!!!!! (46.8%)

26 in three point % (34.0%)

8 in two point % !!!!!! (54.0%)

24 in off. rebound % (21.4%)

19 in def. rebound % (76.2%)

18 in total rebound % (49.5%)

8 in opponent blocks!!!!! (4.3)

9 in opponent steals!!! (7.3)

13 in assists (24.5)

9 in turnovers!!!! (13.3)


18 in points allowed (111.2)

21 in opponent points in paint (48.5)

1 in opponent fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (8.6)

24 in defensive efficiency

17 in opponent shooting % (46.1%)

19 in opponent three point % (35.4%)

7 in opponent two point % !!!!!!!! (51.7%)

8 in blocks!!!!! (5.0)

30 in steals (6.4)

8 in opponent assists!!!!! (23.3)

30 in opponent turnovers (11.8)

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Some off topic and perhaps controversial remarks. 1. LeBron hitting 20,000 in assist, rebounds and points cements him in my view as the greatest of all time, by the metric "Greatest total impact." Someone like MJ had higher highs perhaps, but no one has been this good this long, including Kareem. LeBron's a rival so I have long rooted against him, but come on: massive respect. 2. One of the most objectionable things I've seen in a long time is Durant telling the mayor to "figure it out" with regard to ongoing changing vax mandates. Hey, KD: Fuck you. You think the mayor and legislature and Congress sit around NOT trying to figure things out? Like they were waiting for you to mention it? I personally don't know what the best policy is right now at Barclay's Center, but that's not the point. Plenty of politicians do plenty of things I hate, but to act like it's your role as a basketball player to call out the mayor who is napping somewhere after a heavy meal is beyond arrogant.... It wasn't just KD *mentioning it. It was his tone. OK got that off my chest now let's see if anyone can beat the old-new Warriors. Good effing luck. Vote: most impactful return: Draymond, Dillon Brooks, Brook Lopez, or someone else?

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Warriors are 3-0 in the Jackie Moon era.

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