Happy for 2 reasons....ONE, thrilled the DUB HOMEGROWN 'SHIP CORE remains intact as the NBA's sole dominant trio of the decade; and, TWO, elated, ''ONCE A DUB, ALWAYS A DUB', former Warrior Harrison Barnes betting on himself panned-out, as his solid, all-around, 2-way game, was worth 1/4 of a billion bucks over his playing career.

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A moment of silence for Alan Arkin. 1934-2023.

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3 more years!!

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In other news, Chasing Rings just finished his first Elementary/Primary teaching rookie season and has agreed to stay on another year with the same organisation that drafted him. Sources say he reached his first break "not completely burnt out and looking forward to a bigger role next season!"

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Chris Duarte to kings for draft comp. I remember some ppl here were fairly high on him on draft day.

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Jeff Van Grundy is fired from ESPN! Hopefully mark Jackson is next

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remind me, we *don't* get to use the TPMLE this year? or that kicks in next year?

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I kinda want Jae Crowder and Pat Bev after Saric. Actually, I'd take Len over Crowder if that doesn't scare Saric away.

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Salary Cap is Officially Set:


Salary cap: $136,021,000

Luxury tax line: $165,294,000

First tax apron: $172,346,000

Second tax apron: $182,794,000

Minimum salary floor: $122,418,000

Non-taxpayer mid-level exception: $12,405,000

Taxpayer mid-level exception: $5,000,000

Room exception: $7,723,000

Maximum salaries:

6 years or fewer: $34,005,250

7-9 years: $40,806,300

10+ years: $47,607,350

Early Bird exception: $12,015,150

Estimated average salary: $11,958,000

Trade cash limit: $6,999,000

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Teams with cap space > NTPMLE:

Spurs have up to $31M.

Rockets have up to $25M.

Pacers have up to $14M.

Kings have up to $13.6M.

Teams with full NTPMLE (12 teams): DAL, MIL, DEN, PHI, CHA, WAS, POR, NYK, SAC, MEM, BKN, POR.

There's still space for at least 15ish players to get paid by other teams.

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[Wojnarowski] BREAKING: Memphis Grizzlies G Desmond Bane has agreed on a five-year, $207M max contract extension, his agents Jim Tanner, Max Wiepking and Terrence Felder of @_Tandemse tell ESPN. Grizzlies’ cornerstone players — Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Bane — are secured long-term.

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[Wojnarowski] BREAKING: All-Star G Tyrese Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers are agreed on a five-year, designated maximum contract extension that could be worth up to $260 million, his agents Dave Spahn and Aaron Mintz of @CAASports tell ESPN. Haliburton is fully the franchise cornerstone now.

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[Jackson] Though Oladipo could have been used in Lillard trade, there are still several paths to make money work with Lillard deal if he ever requests a trade, and you can't turn down chance to offload that Vic money, which saves more than 25 M in taxes.

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Kyrie Irving has agreed to a three-year, $126 million deal to return to the Dallas Mavericks, his agent Shetellia Riley-Irving told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne on Friday.


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You know what might be sneakily good? A Chris Paul - Dario Saric two-man game.

You know what might be unsneakliy bad? A Chris Paul - Dario Saric defensive duo.

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I'm bored

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