I think Giddey has a lower floor and a higher ceiling. You can't teach elite court vision and ambidextrous passing. He's shooting 35% from three after his first handful of games against adults. May never be a plus defender.

Bouknight will almost certainly be a decent sixth-man type, but not sure how excited to be with Jordan Poole 2.0.

Giddey also a full 2 years younger.

So still on team Giddey by a nose.

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Both of these profile exactly as you would expect from mid-early to mid first round picks: clear upsides, obvious skills, obvious weaknesses.

On a personal level, I think I'm more excited to watch Giddey; I'm all about the creative passing and anticipation, and team-first play. But the team composition makes it hard; we're already at or above capacity for guys whose distance shooting is a non-threat.

From a team fit perspective, Bouknight makes a better case. While I don't fully subscribe to this idea, it's clear the NBA as a whole values "putting the ball in the basket" as the most important skill—which, to be fair, you're not going to win the game without doing plenty of that. That also implies that this is the kind of skill that'll be harder to acquire on the free agent market.

I don't think either of these are going to be in my top 3 choices, but if I had to pick, it's Bouknight. But there's also a part of me saying that's crazy and wants to be proven wrong.

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I like both but I’m staying with Bouknight bc of shot creation which I think is biggest need. I do think both have high upsides (Bouknight more likely to help now imho). I do worry about fit bc of his subpar passing. Other prospects (Moody) may be safer, more seamless fit. Will have to trust front office and new voices from coaching staff to make that decision.

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This one was super hard. I think I'll vote Bouknight, despite my many biases that lean towards Giddey. Not the most natural fit, but it it's easier to see him as starter or closing-lineup material some day. He is a bit redundant with Poole as well, so he unlocks less synergy for our line ups. Still, if he can't surpass Poole on the depth chart then perhaps this is all moot.

Still, there's a tinge of sadness not voting for Giddey -- it's so easy imagining high paced bench-minutes of Poole/Wiggins/Giddey/Duarte/Wiseman (Duarte as a worst-case safety pick). It seems like Giddey can unlock the fun, passing-heavy Warriors offense more than Bouknight can, at least on the bench where the bar to stay on the court is lower. Alas, with Draymond playing with the starters it's hard to see Giddey contributing to starting/closing line ups, even if he improves his shot.

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What are some examples of:

1. passing, non-shooters that became decent (or better) shooters later in the career... Jason Kidd is one that comes to mind

2. score-first players that later developed into decent (or better) playmakers

3. subpar defenders becoming decent (or better) defenders

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I like Giddey but I can't see the Warriors taking him. His scoring is a lot more decent than many are giving him and he will improve. He's already a good rebounder and playmaker with exceptional skills and size. It would take guts to take him and the Warriors seem to do rather poorly drafting talent that they need to develop. Where is Jerry West when we need him?

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I don't really want either of these guys at 7, and I don't think either will be around at 14, so I'm having a hard time caring... I think I lean Bouknight cause he just seems slightly less 1 dimensional. I'm imagining Ja Morant without the passing, but slightly better defense, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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FYI: James Bouknight did interview and work out for the Warriors in San Francisco today, I can confirm. @DaveBorges on it first. Bouknight is a tempting option at #7. Profiles as the best pure scorer likely to be available in that range.


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This is a serious question and I don’t know how to put this gently but watching Giddey’s film session with Mike Schmitz, he looked like he had something on the lazy eye/cross-eyed realm. It wasn’t real pronounced, but I’m wondering if anyone knows whether that could affect someone’s ability to ever be a good shooter from deep.

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David Borges


Hearing James Bouknight had a great workout with Golden State today. Warriors pick at 7 and 14.

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> Hearing James Bouknight had a great workout with Golden State today. Warriors pick at 7 and 14.



This guy appears to be a beat writer for UConn so I think this is legit. Doesn't seem like the Warriors publicized this one like the Mitchell/Moody/Kispert/Duarte/Murphy ones? Does that mean something? Who knows, any interpretation goes during draft season.

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Giddey. I'm a bigger fan of Josh Christopher than Bouknight.

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This is the Bay Area. Someone ought to be able to develop an alternative universe-jumping time machine so we can figure out which guy actually performed better (looking at the past from 2030) with the Warriors.

Absent that, we have low correlation "past performance is the best predictor of future performance" (R = 0.39). I have no clue on any of these guys. I have a preference for people 6'4" and above (well, Curry), with lateral quickness (Chris Mullin?), highly internally motivated, willing to put the time in, and with high BB IQ. Other than that, I trust Myers, Kerr and company to challenge their own assumptions and pick great guys.

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Giddey for me. The passing and upside are too tantalizing.

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Boukmorning, Boukafternoon and Bouknight.

He’s exciting and can create, but I kinda think Poole is as “me first” a player as this team can effectively use. I’m voting for him, but not the guy I’d choose at 7 (Barnes, Moody, Wagner)

Giddey’s in that big bucket of guys I’d be happy to grab at 14, but not at 7.

They’re both “In Myers we trust” types who I’m not freak out about if either goes at 7.

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I’ll break that tie with a vote for Giddey. Neither is a great shooter at this point. Yes, Bouknight shoots better from the line but I have more confidence in Giddey being willing to rebuild his shot than I do in, say, Bouknight learning to distribute. And I think people probably overvalue athleticism and undervalue vision and anticipation. I also want to see Giddey throwing lobs to JW more than Bouknight trading drives with Poole.

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