New piece, which also serves as the new open thread: https://dubnationhq.com/p/the-state-of-the-2023-24-warriors?sd=pf

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Great deal for Clippers. George is like 35 and injury prone.

Donte is moving on 'cause in Warrior option is about half of what he'll get elsewhere. And no Warriors can't up it to match and keep him.

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May 15, 2023·edited May 15, 2023

Throwing it out there: JK + JP for Paul George.

Not sure why the Clips say yes, except to “shake things up” after years of frustration and get younger. They need a backcourt creator, too. PG has said he would love to play with GS, and I think he and Klay are tight.

Donte stays cos JP’s departure frees up minutes and a starting role, and no offers over the TPMLE materialize.


Bench: Dray, Klay, Moody, Payton, Jerome, PBJ, Lamb, Rollins + vet min big.

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I keep wondering how things would’ve played out if Klay had come into the season in shape and if Wiggins hadn’t got hurt in the regular season and then had the extended absence.

Seems like the team would have been less likely to struggle and therefore chase wins right up until the end, which would’ve given them more breathing room to integrate Moody and Kuminga and allowed them to enter the playoffs less gassed.

(Yeah, I’m still in woulda/coulda/shoulda mode, but it’s tied to what should happen this off-season. I really hope Draymond was right about Klay being fired up to be ready next season.)

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Kumingas clutch stats (all year not post all star)

He played in 17 games where in the last 5 minutes it was a 5 point game

Offensive rating 106.2

Defensive rating 100

TS% 69.8

Even his rebounding percentage went up

How many games did we lose in the fourth this year? How many times did kerr rely on jordan poole in the fourth?

Yea I dont want to hear it, this team wasnt a championship team because kerr wasnt a championship caliber coach this season, that's it that's all. Our youngins( moody and kuminga) were just fine and could have helped contribute to a championship, atleast we signed lamb instead of a big for the playoffs

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It’s nice when Doc Rivers and James Harden both lose.

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[Wojnarowski] Bob Myers told me last night that he plans to take a couple weeks to make a decision about his future running the Golden State Warriors, and it's a decision that he said he is "torn about", in large part because of his relationships, he said, with the core 3 and his coach, Steve Kerr.


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Whoa Ja flashed another gun??

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May 15, 2023Liked by Eric Apricot

Coach Nick did a breakdown of the game 6 of the Warriors-Lakers series:



-By taking out Vanderbilt and putting in Schroder, the Lakers had all five players who were scoring threats. Warriors had no way to hide Curry on defense on game 6, who was being targeted by LA.

-Knowing that Wiggins had a fractured rib, Lebron harassed Wiggins on offense (and got away with some pushes).

-Lakers had Davis ignore GPII and did a pre-switch with Lebron to ensure that Curry could not get the shots he wanted like he did in game 5.

-Warriors were under a lot of pressure due to them on the brink of elimination, which made them miss a lot of threes.

-Lebron was playing out of his mind.

-Warriors were looking deflated as the Lakers were putting up tough shots one after another, especially Poole who was racking up fouls and didn't want to be out there.

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After two days to decompress from Game 6, I came to some realizations:

1) JP needs to learn how to show a shadow of defensive effort (at the VERY LEAST) in order to stay a part of the Warriors immediate future (not even long-term).

2) Klay is no longer a No. 2 option. That should go to Wiggins, who outplayed him even with a broken rib and dealing with reintegration/emotional recovery after his extended absence.

3) The core overall is declining. The Big 3 should learn to loosen their grip on their reins and give the young guns some leeway. Moody was promising in the playoffs, and JK was lowkey phenomenal in the last third of the season. PBJ can be a viable stretch 5 in the future.

3a) The team needs to stop riding on the vets so much. There's only so far pedigree can take you when Father Time remains undefeated.

4) Kerr needs to get rid of his "play well or doghouse" mentality. It feels like it's stunting development, messing up team chemistry, and scaring young players/free agents from signing with us (this point is just based on vibes).

5) The title window is not closed. We just came off a brutal 7-game series with the fast-paced Kings and jumped immediately into a physical Lakers series and still took them to 6 games. That's with chemistry issues and a whole bunch of injuries/bad game rotations. I still have hope for the next two years.

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May 15, 2023·edited May 15, 2023

2023 playoff Jordan Poole vs 2016 nba finals Harrison Barnes. Who would you want?

I’ll have to say for all the shit I gave Barnes I’d rather have him over the crap version of Poole this year.

I’m giving 2023 second round klay a pass for this year on humanitarian and legacy grounds.

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“If I don’t finish first, it’s a failure. I don’t think I would have been proud of myself going to the Finals & losing. I freakin hate losing. If you want to call me the best player on the team, every loss & failure should be on me. It’s all on me. I will be better”

-Joel Embiid


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Coaches everyone knows are outstanding, except they don't seem to be outstanding:

Ty Lue, Clippers, first round flame out. Mike Brown, Kings, outcoached in first round, out. Monty Williams, Suns, second round disappointment.

Coach who seems to do more than everyone expects: Spoelstra.

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May 14, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

I'm SOOOOOOOOO disappointed that another year goes by with CP3 and Harden not winning a ring. It's almost like winning to watch them flame out again. Harden in Game 7 vs. Boston: 41 minutes 3-11 for 9 points, -30.

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So..... Poole for Ja?

*ducks and hides*

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May 14, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

Teams with more titles in their entire history than the Warriors have since 2015:

- Lakers

- Celtics

- Bulls

- Spurs

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