DNHQ Vidcast: Optimistic vs Skeptical outlooks on the 2021 Warriors

There will be roasting.

Hi everybody. Forbes Sports correspondent Patrick Murray is a dear friend of the HQ and asked Duby Dub Dubs and myself to crank up the DNHQ Vidcast to talk the offseason.

I said sure, because anytime a Forbes man comes knocking, it’s a good idea to show some hospitality.

What followed next was a rambling conversation between the three of us featuring me bringing out the receipts on what I’d refer to as Duby’s perpetually nervous handwringing, Duby making some fair points about the team’s injury concerns, and Patrick ultimately being the voice of reason to unify us all. As a Forbes man would, of course.

Here’s some timestamps for your viewing convenience. Enjoy your weekend.

  • 1:43 Duby explains why he gives the Warriors a “B” for their offseason moves

  • 4:24 Duby talks about his cynical take on the recent performances of the players added

  • 8:17 Daniel expresses confusion about Duby calling the Warriors “screwed” going into this offseason.

  • 13:30 Patrick explains why it’s unreasonable to grade the Warriors by their old dynastic standards

  • 25:50 Daniel explains to Duby that his terrified feelings don’t actually correspond to Steph Curry’s outlook.

  • 28:30 Klay Thompson’s injury history is the elephant in the room.

  • 35:12 Daniel explains how wide open the Western Conference is.

  • 39:47 Daniel roasts Duby again for being a perpetually shook Warriors fan.

  • 41:58 Patrick talks the current depth of the roster as a positive and how the playoff roster will be shortened.

  • 44:35 Patrick discusses the places where the Warriors need bolstering.

  • 49:08 The nature of the NBA is every team has injury concerns.

  • 50:28 Duby admits that Daniel makes sense!

  • 55:11 How much will the rookies add to the playoff rotation?