"P" kind of looks like "F". I think they meant to give Smart DFOY: Defensive Flopper of the Year.

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I think it’s funny how people assume DLee and JTA have locked up roster spots. Fan and emotional favorites, sure. Both are ok defenders but their shooting stats last year were way down. These two are little more than deep backups or garbage time guys. If the team could save a $5-$10 million replacing these guys with better backups, they will. So, there’s a lot more roster flexibility.

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Beyond just the annual ROI, which is certainly important for paying the bills in the short term, but the longer the dynasty lasts for the greater the franchise will be valued in the long run. There are Warriors fans out there who became fans during that first championship run. There are Warriors fans who will be fans moving forward because of THIS championship run.

Especially when you take into account the growing popularity internationally, the continued dynasty is only increasing the value of the Warriors brand. If the young uns are able to win championships for the Warriors as well? The Warriors could easily close in on passing the Cowboys as the most valuable sports franchise in the world. They've already passed the Lakers (the Lakers!!!) and are closing in on the Knicks and Yankees.

The Bulls are still printing money off of the Jordan dynasty. The Celtics have won ONE ring since the 80s, and they're still one of the most popular teams because of past success. In the NFL, the Cowboys haven't sniffed the Superb Owl since the 90s and yet they're still the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

If the Warriors are able to keep the championship train running with all of these extremely marketable personalities? All the short term salary tax pain will be more than worth it in the long run.

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Hmmm seems like Andre might be embracing the Haslem role. I’m 100% in for that!

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I really appreciate Patrick breaking down the numbers. Hopefully no team goes too crazy throwing money at Looney and GPII, but if they do, I wish them well .. except when they are playing against the Warriors.

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Jun 20, 2022·edited Jun 20, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot, Daniel Hardee

Thank you all for the entertaining and braggadocious (well earned Gold Blooded King of the Ring!) in depth analysis on the intriguing off season manoeuvres we have coming up with players and payrolls.

When I heard Joey Lightyears say that he was as proud of building Chase Centre as he was of building the Dynasty, I got the sense he really loves achieving ambitious goals and manifesting things to life that are by most accounts very improbable to pull off. I think the "Bridge to the Future" plan is just the next one that will come to fruition and we will all marvel when last last of The Trio retires and the kids are all All Stars - "What's past is prologue".

But so much has gone on THIS season that I want to savor the journey as much as I can while the afterglow is still as warm as a shot of cognac in the morning :)

Would love to hear your best "Remember that time when..." moments of on court, off court, DNHQ. NBA or otherwise to relive the magic! We're back on TOP baby!! Let's Go WARRIORS!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆

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Ok, now down to business.

Andre is retiring. What's the over under on him coaching? I think most people think he is above it, like he has better stuff to do. But in the business world, nothing is more important than being relevant, known and in the lime light. The word is Andre is starting a Venture Capitalist company. Good for him. But let's not forget BRANDING and value addition of a top end brand. I will say it here now, Andre will be with the team in 2022-2023, not as a player, but on the bench. You can't talk about the first Chapter of the Warriors dynasty without him. If he is smart, he will find a place on the bench in order to make sure his name comes up when we talk about the second Chapter of the Warriors dynasty. That's a lock.

OPJ & Beli. We have get used to this. These guys are gone. They got a ring, now let them get paid. For the next 5 years, just be open to the ring chasing vet turnstile. Love them and thank them.

Looney & GP2. OK, if anyone offers either of these guys big money, let them go. They have worked their whole lives for this. Let them get paid. Here in DubNation, we care more about people. However, what I would like to see is this: drop 4 year offers on both at reasonable numbers. Let's say 6m per year, =24m per player over 4 years. If you give more years, you add security. Its a way of saying we think we are in it for the next 4 years and we want you here for it. These two are the definition of what it is to be a Warrior. I do whatever I can to keep these guys on the team.

After that, Poole, Moody, JK, WIseman get shit load of run. We are done with the ring chasing OPJs and Belis. The free minutes on the floor belong to the rooks. We are entering the second phase of the dynasty. The minutes of the core will be managed and the young guys will fill in the blanks.

Steph, Klay, Wiggs, Dray, Wiseman

Poole, Moody, GP2, Kuminga, Looney.

D Lee, JTA, 2022 28th pick

That leaves 2 spots.

The Warriors will NOT carry a 15th Roster spot this year. Which means we are only looking for 1 ring chaser before we eject one of D Lee or JTA.

Oops. Looks like someone forgot to go to sleep. ni-nite.

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Happy Father's Day y'all. Now that the day's festivities are done, the Fam asleep, I can kick back with a bottle of Cabernet (Screw top, I'm too tired to pop a cork), and bask in this un-F'ing-believable beat down of the best defensive [sic] team in the NBA. I want the new Warriors shirt that says "Cashing Receipts - 2022." I love the pettiness. I love the clap-backs. "Warriors, come out to playyyyyayyy" Please, please, James Brown please, watch the final scene in "The Warriors", and the song that represents this year, this come back, this desperate getting back to who we are: "In The City" by Joe Walsh. Appropriately named.


Watch this video. It represents the last three years we went through. Let the music fill your soul. Home. Home again. Happy Father's Day.

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All the little opportunities are there to make me confident this will work financially. Biggest one is the new CBA, of course. If they’re paying a 7x tax multiplier, a $20M increase would save the Dubs $160M in tax…

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Jun 20, 2022·edited Jun 20, 2022

Did the Warriors bench Looney in the finals so they could say we don’t know if you’re a starting C for a championship team at the bargaining table? Pretty sure he’d be a bargain at $10-12 million a year.

GP2 has to take the best offer he can, but the Warriors should be able to convince him to stay if they “max” him out with this year’s early bird rights and some how legally indicate they are willing to give him a nice contract to get him through 33 in style.

Let’s say the Warriors could resign both those guys but they didn’t want to pay that much tax. Would you let one or both of them walk, or would you look to unload other salary for picks?

I’m not sure the Warriors have a point of defense disruptor like Payton on the roster and you could see what happened to the Celtics once Payton came back.

I’m not sure the Warriors have a rebounder (especially if they lose Porter) like Looney on the roster that can also switch on D and lead to incredibly low % opponent shots in the restricted are because of his positioning and length.

I really hope they keep the band together! But I’m not sure the mini MLE is going to get the job done in either case (Deandre Jordan and Dwight Powell are making $11mil. Wil Barton and Pat Bev are $15-14mil)

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Loved that DH Hennessy energy to kick off the show! Maybe my favorite 10 minutes of webcasting ever!

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Jun 20, 2022Liked by Daniel Hardee

I totally agree: both Tatum and Brown could get a lot better if they work on their handles especially driving left. So much harder to guard if he was strong going left.

If they get a two-way point guard that will be also be a giant help for the Celtics.

For the Warriors I am super excited to see who can get better for next year. We can't lose Kevon and GP2.

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Completely OT but Dejounte Murray just earned a new fan. On Father’s Day no less.


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Someone asked me during the Eastern Conf finals who I wanted to win and face the Warriors. I said BOS, in order to exact our revenge for the reckless play of the so-called DPOY on the MVP. Bwahaha!

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Jun 20, 2022Liked by punk basketball, Daniel Hardee

You 3 rock! Loved the contributions all year. Dubs in 6, indeed.

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