#12 please


I really enjoyed watching him pass and play D in those videos. Would love to see that on the court for the Warriors. Yes please.

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Yahoo's latest mock has Kobe Bufkin as the Dubs pick. I hadn't heard of him so I watched Spinella's scouting report. Holy spit, lefty Jordan Poole (also out of Michigan) offensive bag, but with big hops and defensive doggedness. Spin's complaint: "could be a tad more locked in on D". All right then. If he's a real possibility at #19, drafting him could almost make JP expendable...

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Revised crazy trade (now enrages 3 fanbases!)

Warriors: Simmons, Claxton

Nets: Kuminga, Moody, Harris, Warriors 2026 1st or something

Sixers: Poole, PBJ, Rollins, #19

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Jun 6·edited Jun 6

#TWELVE. Jones has the look of a dude with court-sense, real passing chops, and defensive aggressiveness who needs a good shooting coach to take it up a level. I like Ty Jerome a lot as a Dub, and Jones could become a better version of Ty. Re-watched the Coulibaly highlights, and he's pretty impressive, at least against the competition in his league, so I'd be glad if he fell to the Dubs, but doubt it will happen.

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This works on Fanspo

Dray, Kerr and #19 pick to POR for

Nurk, #3 pick & a washing machine.

Shores up the center position finally, shag Amen Thompson, and will help with the dirty laundry issue.


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Maybe I'm late to this, but just heard Kerr's comments on the Draymond Green Show.


I love Kerr, but he has been doing everything possible to make me not this last year and he just keeps doubling down on everything that was wrong with the Dubs this year. I guess everyone on the team needs to man up, know your role, and sacrifice for the team. I wonder where sucker punching a younger and smaller man, something called assault in the real world, falls in Kerr's pantheon of pearls of basketball wisdom around team building? Jaw dropping hypocrisy. The dysfunctional relationship between these two guys and the wreckage that ensues in the giant wake they leave behind them is what I like least about our team. If these guys don't get some friggin' therapy soon, we are doomed. I love Dray, but he's an ass and Kerr has become his #1 enabler, like a wife going out and buying booze for her couch bound Alky husband while the kids go without another dinner. And now they are both tone deaf. Kerr is feeling hollow inside 'cuz Bob is on his way out. Well thank God Dray is there for you in your moment of need, Steve. By the way, why don't you go grab me a beer.


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Sheppard would be a reach at #19, but he apparently had a stunningly good NBA Combine.

Still keeping track of all invites at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GKnbvrEeRz6g1ZpDrA_2KxKTFTYswsw10zzfbE1DFWs/edit?usp=sharing, let me know if I missed anyone reported


Warriors pre-draft workouts on Tuesday:

•Damion Baugh (TCU)

•Javan Johnson (DePaul)

•Adam Kunkel (Xavier)

•Jaylen Martin (Overtime Elite)

•Ben Sheppard (Belmont)

•Justice Sueing (Ohio State)


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Time to update the NBA trade machines… Previously, you could take back 125% of outgoing salaries in trade even if you were a tax team. In 2023-24, if you are over the first apron, you can only take back 110% (or be hard capped). In 2024-25, you can only take back 100%.

Source: https://twitter.com/ericpincus/status/1665823486382858241?s=61&t=P_FoYb59qpl6sz-fj5Z51g

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I would take Bilal and try to stash just due to the overall tools.

The good version of Coby Jones would be a really nice present day addition to the Dubs. Definitely needs that shot to come through

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https://www.si.com/nba/warriors/news/draymond-green-makes-incredible-observation-about-nikola-jokic bit ironic coming from the guy who nearly walked off the floor during a play b/c he didn't get the ball on a cut

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#TWELVE - I want the all intangibles team please.

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The Lakers maintained on Monday that they aren’t interested in adding Kyrie Irving this summer, according to multiple team sources.


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The Washington Wizards will hire OKC executive Will Dawkins as their No. 2 executive


The Phoenix Suns are hiring Jazz associate GM David Fizdale as an assistant coach, sources tell ESPN. Suns made a significant financial play for Fizdale and drew upon his history with new coach Frank Vogel and GM James Jones. Fizdale is a former HC with Knicks and Grizzlies.


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Now that we know all the guys, I updated the draft vote site! https://dnhq.draft-vote.xyz/

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These guarantees are tricky... if guys stake their choice to stay in the draft or pull out based on these guarantees, they're at least somewhat at risk of the team with the promise having a preferred prospect slip to them and reneging on the promise. I'm thinking of the Suns draft room erupting in 2009 thinking that the Warriors were trading the #7 to them and they were going to be drafting Steph... only to have the Warriors draft and keep Steph. These guys better have multiple promises, or be ok with slipping.

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So if Lively indeed has a promise from a team in the lottery, can we move Miller on to the second round please

Also #THIRTEEN but Coulilaby (and i suspect also Miller) will be gone by then.

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