#TWO ... the shooting ability is hard to deny.

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I think both these guys have true, clear NBA value.

Hawkins is the classic movement shooter, yes. But he plays with real effort on D. Quick feet. The Rip Hamilton comp is a really good one. He’s probably a lesser version at best, but thats still an interesting prospect.

But I like TJD more. There’s a lot of obvious caveats to an older prospect like him without a perfect positional fit. I just like players who keep getting better. He does a LOT of things good but not great. Lob finisher, post finisher, rim protection, perimeter D rebounding, and passing. No outside shot yet. He’ll probably add it. If he adds it, you’ve got kind of a smaller Al Horford. Or if the late age role player version of Blake Griffin was healthier and had 87% of his prime vertical. It’s a playoff rotation player for sure and if the shot is there it could easily be a starter.

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FYI - In case it has not been posted (and sorry if it has)

Today was the day Coach Kerr joined the Dubs 9 years ago.

A nice video on Youtube about his arrival - good to see all the younger FO folks looking at the future - dont know if Lacob envisioned this level of success


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Gotta give Malone credit for benching Gordon in the fourth quarter and rolling with Jeff Green. Was the right move.

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I don’t think we were beating Denver this year. Maybe if we had better health all season long

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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: "We're the underdogs. We don't get enough credit for what we do. We're No. 1 in the West for a reason. And not being talked about, we don't get enough credit, and we take that personally."


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Michael Malone: You're not going to keep Nikola Jokic down for the whole game.

Said it was "Coach Jokic's" call to lean on the two-man game of he and Jamal in the fourth quarter.


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If the Celtics go into Miami and outplay the Heat for four Qs and a win tomorrow it should really be supposed that their issue with playing together as a group in Boston is that they are intimidated by their own fans.

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So far, this is my favorite non-Warriors playoff round since the Spurs ended the Heatles.

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May 21·edited May 21

The Lakers about to be swept by the Nuggets has me sick to my stomach.

The Lakers beat us handidly in 6 games and now the Nuggets sweep them (plus we never won a single game against them in the regular season)? It shows me just how absolutely far we were from being a championship team this year.

Shows me that we need to make some changes.

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OK, trade ideas ....

Klay to LA for Lebron. Salaries match. Lebron can replace Poole as the triggerman in the second unit. :)

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May 21·edited May 21

I am quite enjoying this. I'm just thinking about next year.

Lebron will be getting paid $46 mil a year to be an OK to good player that probably misses 20 games.

Reaves is going to be in line for a huuuuge payday (FA this summer). Not even sure the Lakers have his Bird rights, so they probably can't even match what he'll get.

Rui is an RFA, so that will cost them money.

Schroder is a UFA (but might be back).

And, they blew their draft capital at the trade deadline.

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Guess who the weakest link in the Lakers starting lineup was?

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Reseeding the western conference bracket:

1) Denver - Jokic and company look like favorites for the championship at this point

2) Phoenix - it took everything they had, but they managed to take a couple games off Denver and make it a series

3) Lakers - a favorable tailwind can only take you so far

4) Warriors - homer ranking, or did they earn this by winning in the first round?

5) Kings - the beam flickering, but did it light?

6) Clippers - on paper the prognosticators assure me that they won the past three championships

7) Memphis - cocaine bear or dumpster fire? let's do both!

8) Minnesota - I'd be calling their front office on the daily to try to swindle these guys

Now think of the fun matchups:

Denver- Minnesota (ok, we saw that one, it wasn't fun)

Phoenix-Memphis (ok, also probably not fun)

Lakers-Clippers (battle for LA, no one travels - except for Jordan Poole - ba dum!)

Warriors-Kings (we saw that one and it was fun, but this time the Dubs get home court)

Round 2:

Denver-Warriors (we can always dream)

Phoenix-Lakers (seems intriguing)


Phoenix-Warriors (well almost certainly Denver would have won, but the grudge matchup here is much more appealing)

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denver has officially reached ‘you better advance or it’s going to be historically embarrassing’ territory

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