Day 3 “Dubble” mini-camp Live Thread

Yesterday, we had Kevon Looney on the Q&A. Steve Kerr will go probably every other day, per Warriors PR. And in what might be construed as the most important news yet: They will eventually have Klay Thompson on one of these Zoom calls, as they plan to have a different player each day, even through the weekend — set your alarms!

Looney is from Milwaukee, as is Jordan Poole, and so the police brutality on Kenosha, WI, resident Jacob Blake hit home for him. Looney said, “Growing up in Milwaukee, it feels like something like this happens, people get in an uproar, and nothing changes.”

He added that when he was eight years old, his uncle got beaten by the police and that he’s become “numb” to reports of such violence.

As for basketball, the Warriors announced in late May that Looney had undergone surgery to repair his strained abdomen that caused him so much trouble this past season. The team had announced in March that he would be re-evaluated at a later date and we never got around to that, as the NBA was suspended shortly thereafter.

Looney said that after signing the contract last summer, in which Steve Kerr told us at Team USA camp that he was “scared to death” of losing Looney to free agency, Looney wanted to play well and show his value, but really couldn’t.

“I played last season like I was scared to move,” he said on yesterday’s Zoom call.

But the surgery went well and he actually opened his Q&A responding to Monte Poole’s health-related question that was on everybody’s mind, “The last time I felt this good was probably the start of my third season.”

Looney also reported that Klay and Eric Paschall remain in quarantine protocol. That’s supposed to last 48 hours, so hopefully that means Klay will finally get on the court today. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the first question, considering media asked Warriors PR about him as we all signed off.

Looney actually said specifically that Paschall and one other coach that has also been in quarantine would definitely be there today, but didn’t specify on Klay.

As for our side of the equation, I hope to have ironed out the kinks with YouTube Live. It had been over a year since my last usage of it and I had forgotten all the little warts about it that drive me nuts.

The worst is when we get a flood of comments from what are probably entitled YouTube kids (I know, terrible journalism as I’ve not confirmed the commenters are actually kids, my bad) who are screaming at me, “Fix the audio!” Meanwhile I have no idea if it’s my rudimentary technology or the actual Zoom call’s fault. I’m scrambling with the volume buttons being careful not to knock my iPhone-on-a-tripod-bracket-supported-by-a-rubber-band house of cards.

So I had actually completely missed the fact that now fifth-year veteran Looney had said he’s felt the best he’s had in the last two years. Thankfully, someone on Discord commented about it and I was able to report it real-time as well as splice the appropriate video clip for our Instagram, as I saw the memes from Warriors fan accounts start to repost it. Here’s the whole interview:

Today we will have Marquese Chriss and will start at 1:30PM, probably with Kerr.

Now that my setup (still a house of cards) is a little bit better, and because there weren’t as many callers on for Looney, maybe I’ll get a chance to pop a question late in the Q&A after I’m done with the token Instagram Live part in the first two minutes. And assuming the YouTube Live camera is working properly. I hope I can get away with asking it without my video on (one other person has), as I have the iPhone pointed directly at the computer screen, which would obviously be front-and-center for the laptop’s built-in camera, instead of my face.

Anyways, please submit any question you might have for Chriss below, but also take it with a grain of salt that I might not be able to get around to it this time. Thanks!