Day 2 “Dubble” Mini-Camp Live Thread

This will be our Day 2 “Dubble” mini-camp Live Thread below in the comments. Check out Day 1’s thread.

Welp, scratch all practical hope of Draymond Green attending the bubble. This is because I’ve just been told that the birth of Baby Cash will occur in Los Angeles, where Green is currently working out with his trainer, Travis Walton (@travis_walton_419), whose Instagram Stories photo is above.

By “practical”, I mean theoretically if Cash was born early — due date October 7th as I reported earlier, per sources — then, okay, maybe Draymond could hop on his PJ and make it for one last-minute scrimmage on the last day, October 9th, maybe with Stephen Curry jumping in for some kind of televised extravaganza, but that’s as likely to happen as Giannis Antetokuonmpo officially donning a Warriors jersey; you guys know that’s long, long, long, long odds, right?

Steve Kerr said Draymond was “doubtful”, so the whole private-jet-from-LA scenario is the only thing I can think of that would prevent him from ruling Green out entirely.

So now that that’s out of the way, we have Day 2 ahead of us. It will be Kevon Looney at the podium, at approximately 1:15PM today.

I will again Live Thread below and on our Discord server. Subscribers on here get to join the Discord no questions asked; non-subscribers will have to ask for an invite and we’ll just have to see how that goes. This Discord is intended to be Twitter circa 2013-15 before the influx of trolling, bullying, making fun of people with memes and emojis, piling on people in the replies, and general negativity, although there was certainly plenty of that back then, too. There should be absolutely zero of that grammar school behavior on the Discord.

For a recap of Day 1, check out our YouTube playlist for the Dubble here.

Kerr was outraged by the ruling on the killing of Breonna Taylor and expressed concern that this generation has to grow up through so much gun violence and police brutality. Milwaukee native Jordan Poole added that African-Americans demand to be heard and that Kenosha, where Jacob Blake fell victim to police brutality, is about thirty minutes from where he grew up.

Incidentally, we got a couple racist comments on YouTube after posting those interviews. One was particularly alarming, using the “N” word, but before I could block the user and delete it, YouTube had already gotten rid of it and the user’s account, so that was good news.

One tidbit I liked in particular was that Kerr said Chase Center now has a private recreational balcony area with views of the Bay for the team to congregate and play games, which includes a corn hole and a ping pong table. If you know from our recent Andrew Wiggins video, he’s playing ping pong and a YouTube commenter wondered who would win in a match versus Klay Thompson, who infamously tweeted a challenge to Roger Federer back in 2017.

On other topics, Kerr said Klay and Eric Paschall missed the first day due to quarantining protocols. He also reminded people that this “Dubble” is voluntary per the NBA/NBPA, that things will be ad hoc, thus making it far different than regular training camp. Kerr said he’s not worried about Steph and Draymond missing things because of their work ethic, which we’ve shown quite a few times on our YouTube channel as well. We got a couple replies on social media from apparently rather uninformed fans that Steph and Draymond weren’t demonstrating leadership, but I had to point them to an official Warriors video clip (see below) and my camp-related articles on here to remind them that the Dubble is just really a chance for the guys to be with each other after being isolated for months.

There will be a formal training camp before the 2021 season begins for the Warriors as well as the other 29 teams. Earlier this week, Adam Silver told Bob Costas on CNN that the next NBA season would begin no earlier than January. NBPA director Michele Roberts has floated the rough estimate of February or even March.

Poole said he felt his conditioning was good and, along those lines, we got a tiny glimpse of guys doing stuff from the main Warriors account:

Again, we’ve seen Steph do these workouts during the off-season, on the regular. So what if he’s missing this?

Poole also said the Warriors, at least the younger ones who were still in San Francisco doing individual workouts, were aiming to peak during mini-camp. So that tells you the coaching and training staff have had everything planned out this whole time, even with moving targets as the NBA and NBPA negotiated the mini-camp protocols.

If I left anything out that I shouldn’t have from Day 1, please mention it in the comments. Kerith Burke apparently did a podcast with Leandro Barbosa and Shaun Livingston and there were tidbits on Poole as well as Wiggins — I’ve not gotten a chance to listen to those yet.

One thing I learned from Day One: the way I report on things has me scrambling at all times (actually, no different than pre-pandemic) and with my camera positioned to film the Q&As, I’m not sure I’ll get the opportunity to ever ask a question unless they’re okay with me not appearing on the video call — but Poole specifically mentioned he wanted to see the faces of the people asking him a question. For me, I would have to sacrifice the recording at that moment, pop my head in as the laptop screen is pointing exactly vertical for recording purposes, and say hello and ask the question, then reposition the camera back. Maybe if it’s Klay, I’d go through all that trouble.

I’ll be dying to know if, for example, Wiggins and Klay played ping pong, but that may have to wait until things go back to normal and I can just pop the question as one of them is walking by. As for Klay, we’ll all want to know how he feels and what he’s been working on, so I’m sure that day (whenever it is) will be special, but I’m certainly digressing. We’ll see; ten more days to go after this.

One final note on Looney: Kerr said he went “full bore” in practice, so today we’ll probably get a sense of what that means and much, much more. Also count on some Black Lives Matter commentary, as Looney also hails from Milwaukee.