In a case of good timing, Thinking Basketball profiles the T’Wolves: https://youtu.be/Q8FUAMRso6A

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Utah up 54-51 at the half at Phoenix.

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Last season when Curry was out and Jordan started in his place, part of what made JP so effective was the two man game with Draymond. Dray talked about how he was able to do all the same actions with JP that he usually does with Steph (DHOs, looking for relocations, etc). Looks like having Dray in the second unit to handle the ball and organize the offensive is really helping make things easier for JP.

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Warriors current stats:


6 in points scored!!!!!!!!!! (116.8)

26 in points in paint (44.3)

11 in fastbreak points (14.9)

12 in offensive efficiency

9 in shooting % !!!! (47.8%)

5 in three point % !!!!!!!!!!!! (37.9%)

6 in two point % !!!!!!!!!!! (56.8%)

23 in off. rebound % (21.4%)

25 in def. rebound % (73.7%)

29 in total rebound % (47.9%)

1 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3.7)

29 in opponent steals (8.8)

1 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (29.6)

29 in turnovers (17.2)


28 in points allowed (117.5)

15 in opponent points in paint (48.2)

13 in opponent fastbreak points (13.5)

23 in defensive efficiency

10 in opponent shooting % !! (46.1%)

10 in opponent three point % !! (34.9%)

16 in opponent two point % (53.8%)

26 in blocks (4.0)

18 in steals (7.4)

21 in opponent assists (26.2)

13 in opponent turnovers (15.5)

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Remarkable* Andrew Wiggins 3-point shooting stat of the day:

442 games with the Timberwolves - 33.2%

174 games with the Warriors - 39.1%

*My remarks here is your proof that’s it’s remarkable.

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Nov 26, 2022·edited Nov 26, 2022

Kuminga should be able to get some head tap opportunities at some point… but I love how in control he’s looked lately. And he had two breathtaking rebounds where he just out jumped bigger guys last night. Looks like he’s found some motivation/focus/“getting it”

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The Warriors dispatched with the Jazz,

And did it with quite the pizazz,

But that number 30,

Did them all dirty,

With spicy Chef Curry raz-ma-taz

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Can Andrew Wiggins please stop missing easy buckets… please.

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From AP: Warriors: At Minnesota on Sunday, having lost the last six on the Timberwolves' home court since a 117-107 win on March 19, 2019.

Time to do something about that… hope Kogut isn’t refereeing.

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Steph-Klay-Wiggs-Dray-Loon vs other 5-man lineups:

Total mins played: 3rd most (230), MIN and ATL starters are 2nd and 1st;


- 25.9

- in lineups with mins > 100 (21 such lineups): #1

- in lineups with mins > 50 (58 such lineups): #4 (PHI, PHX, MIA, MIL starters are 1,2,3,5) [[PHI, PHX, MIA,MIL mins for those lineups in 52,67,73,119 resp.)

- our only other lineup with min > 50 [JP subs Loon]:. -1.1 // mins played: 76

- our only other lineup with min > 25 [JP subs Klay]:. 7.6 // mins played: 31

If one of our 5 starters goes down, we are screwed..

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Nov 26, 2022Liked by punk basketball

The "Steph is MVP" narrative has only gotten stronger and more undeniable, like the player himself.

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Maybe it's wishful thinking, but it seems to me that Looney is getting a little more lift when he dunks. Not a lot, but enough to notice. Perhaps he's just getting stronger after all those years of injury when he couldn't jump at all.

Also on Loon, in HS and college he had a decent 3 point shot & I've heard he shoots it in pickup games. I keep wondering when Kerr will let him cut loose with a few...just to keep the defense honest, if nothing else.

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I think Poole might have played the best game in NBA history for a player to airball 3 3PA. We also had 3 heaves as a team, although only two were end of quarter (one was the Klay one to prevent 24 seconds). Subtract the 3 heaves and we went 20/42 on 3P vs the Jazz's 11/45. You win every game where that happens. Also remove Steph's two heaves and his statline is even more bonkers: 13/21, 6/11 on 3Ps.

But if you have to nitpick, FTs. For the 17th straight game, the Dubs lost the FTA battle. 17-6 this time, so yet again lost it by double digits. I didn't notice many super questionable ones called as the refs let the players play for the most part tonight in a good way. Both teams actually each had 15 fouls exactly. The Dubs just had 4 and-1 opportunities including 2 4-point plays. We'll see if that Achilles heel comes back to bite them at some point.

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Nov 26, 2022Liked by punk basketball


Steve Kerr says he believes the Warriors improved ball movement, high assist count lately is partially due to Klay Thompson settling down and making the extra pass. Kerr says when Klay plays well, the dominoes start to fall.

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Nov 26, 2022·edited Nov 26, 2022

Also, I have a very strong bias against players of his type so I am hesitant to trust my opinion on this (super-athletes, low IQ/skill) but does JMG seem really bad to anyone else too?

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