Kid 1: Wow I just got a Scott Foster rookie card!

Kid 2: Nice! His WPM (whistles per minute) is unbelievable! Definitely top 5 all-time great.

Kid 3: I heard he signed with Klutch and got a sponsor deal with Foot Locker.

Kid 4: FR. I am such a Donaghy fanboy - got his signed jersey and everything.

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"Bazooka" Kerr. That's my guy. I tend to believe bad fouls even out, but that was simply out of control. And what in the world is Bernie complaining about when the game was 8 on 5, advantage CLE? You know the refs have really screwed up bad when the victims of their bad calls just start laughing. Those calls went from Ludicrous to Plaid.

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Thinking about this season versus last year’s title team:

Curry is better.

Wiggins is way better.

Looney is better.

Draymond is at least as good.

Klay is similar.

Poole is worse.

Moody should be better.

Kuminga is worse for now.

Wiseman vs Bjelica = Bjelica

DDV vs GP2. = GP2




Dre < Dre

Roster spot vs Wise =?

This team is better at the top than last year’s.

The real keys to this year seem to be Klay, Poole, and at least one of Moody or Kuminga being better than they were last year and DDV being an impact player.

Is Dre going to play?

Wise, JMG, PBJ, & RR have almost no hope of driving more wins than the players they replaced.

This is going to be a thin top heavy team heavily dependent upon health and the progress of the middle of the roster.

If the wins come soon It’s perfectly set up for heavy minutes, All-Star nods and an MVP chase.

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OK, l just ordered my new T-shirt:

It's Golden State blue, with the bridge logo and:

"No foccaccias given" written on the front.

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So… if offensive player is trying to ghost a screen and not make contact, and a defensive player goes under the screen, and they run into each other, it’s supposed to be an offensive foul?

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Nov 13, 2022·edited Nov 13, 2022

Didn’t watch the game, but Dallas beat Portland despite Grant/Lillard/Simons scoring 37/29/24 points. Rest of the team scored 22. Hart was 0-9 and 2-6 from the line. Ouch.

Lillard went to the line 17 and Doncic 18 times, both making 15. So I’m not sad I missed it….

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Nov 13, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs, Daniel Hardee

Nice article, thanks. I was wearing the Draymond version of that black jersey for every playoff game that year.

Semi-OT: why is Big Jim not down in Santa Cruz learning to defend, rebound, and catch passes? I'm really puzzled. What is he going to learn glued to the bench at Chase?

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Nov 13, 2022Liked by Daniel Hardee

I wonder if Daniel used to be a preacher in another life.

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Scoot Henderson can do some cool basketball things

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aaaaaaaand the Sea Dubs trail

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I'm only in the second quarter but watching Santos/Williams/Spencer/McLaughlin/Quinones/Rollins whip the ball around is a pleasure.

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Enjoying the hell out of watching Gui Santos and Trevion Williams play together. Two hot dog passers with some mutual chemistry.

(Santa Cruz Warriors v Ignite)

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Curry Fans: Must see TV!

League: Must see referees!

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Rollins showing some stuff (mostly ability to make tough 2s, but it's something)

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Nov 13, 2022·edited Nov 13, 2022

Oh lord I almost forgot my favorite 'play' of last night's game:

When Kerr was so effing heated about a bad call (and the corruption-level officiating in general), and his chewing gum came flying out of his mouth!!

And the best of Draymond's post-game comments: "We were defending without fouling all night, but somehow they got 26 free throws. Make of that what you will."

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