Can't believe DNHQ didn't get also a Rolex from Steph. Oh, wait, maybe it's because our people already know what time it is. Boom! I'll be here all week.

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Curry heritage? I mean, who (if any) will Curry celebrate, wearing a suit and ESPN headphones, ten years from now? Possible names: Jordan Poole, Jalen Green, Ja Morant, Trae Young, Buddy Hield, Lamelo Ball… sorry but I am a science fiction addict

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Kuminga and Moody shooting threes before the game https://youtu.be/2h_jhJGE_YQ

My unofficial count:

Kuminga 15-for-33

Moody 24-for-33

Any with good shot mechanics expertise want to compare and contrast?

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Great night. I dug this Slater tweet with some Kuminga clips. Him bodying up these two bulls on back to back nights is so impressive.


Anthony Slater


The Warriors have used Jonathan Kuminga as a primary defender on Domantas Sabonis and Julius Randle the last two nights. Think we'll see that more moving forward, Kuminga for stints on big scoring 4s.

Steve Kerr: "He deserves to play more."

Some film vs Sabonis/Randle

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Stephen Curry (The Golden State Warriors) has broken Ray Allen's record for all time 3-pointers made in NBA history. JJ Redick is joined by Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Alex Caruso, Davion Mitchell, Tyrese Haliburton, Nikola Vucevic, Pascal Siakam and more to discuss this unbelievable Steph achievement.


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Steph gives Dray and Dre Rolex watches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsqHkT-_CXc

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A consideration on MSG: it is indeed the basketball Mecca, I was moved by the celebration for Steph, majestic indeed. Let me dream of a Finals Knicks-Dubs: lineup at the Kaaba, Poole-Morant-Wiggins-Kuminga-Wiseman…….

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Wait are we going to have to go through this all again when Steph hits #3000

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Said this in the game thread but I'll leave it here:

As the resident Davi­dson alum, and someo­ne that used to live a couple of doors down from Steph, I'm really glad that his college coach Bob McKillop (who happens to be a proud New Yorker) took a chance on the local Charlotte kid none of the ACC schools wanted and helped him take a big step to get to where he is now. And I'm glad he was there to watch Steph set the record.

Also really cool to see the respect between him, Ray and Reggie. Absolute legends.

So proud of Steph and all he's accomplished. And he's not even close to done yet.

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I’m sure this photo has been posted already, but it really captures the emotion of Steph in the moment of breaking the record.

It also captures a steely eyed Kuminga in the background lurking with a face that says, “I WILL BE NEXT”.


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really timely that Apricot ran a Head Tap explainer so recently! now wondering if he can answer this question: has Wiggins ever passed out of it before?

Slater tweet content:

-Draymond Green: "Wiggins never passes out of that play."

-Steph Curry: "We run that play a lot. I think that's the first time."

-Andrew Wiggins: "That play? It's a bucket first. But I saw Steph with a little bit of space and a chance to make history..."


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I've been wondering. For career records like most points rebounds assists or even in other sports: How many times does a player break the all-time record and he's the leading candidate for MVP, in the prime of his career and sitting atop the leagues standings? Usually a career mark like points or rebounds is someone who's 40 like Karl Malone or Kareem or something. I'm not including Wilt because his stat situation was just whack, but are there other examples of setting a career record and it feels like ya just might double it?

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How many onions does this recipe call for anyway??

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The Blazers and the Dubs each had 22 free throws tonight. Dubs made 20 and won by 9. Blazers made 14, lost by 4 in OT. Funny how the little things make the difference.

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