Waiting with bated breath for the next dose of DDD prose…

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Thought I will share some quotes from Slater's article in regards to Dray leading the second unit along with my over-the-top sarcasm


Dray: "That’ll be to the benefit of that unit. As Jordan (Poole) gets more comfortable with me in that group, it’ll free him up some as well in transition"

[Dubnation] Oh no! How can this be. Dray-Poole relationship is still damaged. Dray has lost the respect to lead the young guys. Poole is their leader now.

Kerr on who among Dray and Lamb is the center in that unit: "..........But it’s a great combination because they can play off each other and Lamb is so smart, has a great feel that he can read Draymond and vice versa.”

[Dubnation] What? How dare they play a 2-way guy with nowhere close to a ceiling as JK (and Moody). Kerr is mostly right but sometimes he doesn't know what he is doing. Stop playing Lamb over JK/Moody

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Rumors of Jae Crowder interest by the Warriors making the rounds. What say you?

For me, um…. no thanks?

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Nov 25, 2022Liked by Daniel Hardee

As much as I liked this fine report, it was spoiled a little bit by the inclusion of the dumb quote about Zaza, Kawhi and missed games.

The quote implies that it was Zaza's dirty play that ruined Kawhi's career. It wasn't dirty, it happened right after (2 minutes) Leonard stepped on a teammate's foot and rolled his ankle. The next season, Kawhi missed a bunch of games due to right quad tendinopathy.

Here are a couple of relevant articles for gluttons for punishment who think this was a dumb tweet:



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Nov 25, 2022Liked by Daniel Hardee

Lol, anyone else catch when Jackson during the broadcast said that at this point Wiggins shouldn't be an All-Star again this season??? Lolololol

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Nov 24, 2022Liked by punk basketball, Daniel Hardee

From "league's worst contract" to "probably the best contract since Steph's early years"?

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Down for the wiggins statue as long as it captures exactly the way his hair is right now. I love the “au naturale” look.

So does Poole get some credit for setting pin downs, staying in motion, knowing plays and schemes? Also, I hope some people who know basketball give us (who dont know much about basketball) some breakdown of the “new” rotations we saw last night. It seemed sort of obvious that bench mob needed to be broken apart and have a Dray (especialy since Andre is old/broken or on ice til the playoffs?) to direct/coach plus a vet/shooter who knows the offense and defense backwards and forwards.

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Nov 24, 2022·edited Nov 24, 2022Liked by punk basketball, Daniel Hardee

I know this! ... it was in the driving manual

Solid red: Stop.

Blinking red: Stop, and proceed when clear.

Solid yellow: slow down and prepare to stop.

Blinking yellow Wiggs eyes: run for your life.

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Nov 24, 2022Liked by Daniel Hardee

I’d be down for a Wiggins statue.

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