Anybody got the on n off numbers for klay? Offensive n defensive rating too? How has it been so far

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I actually don't think Klay's shooting is significantly worse.

You can always predict when he's going to miss a 2-pointer because it's invariably a stupid drifting 17 footer that he was never good at.

His threes have been improving a lot minus the Boston game where he looked rushed.

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Things I'm hoping for:

- Poole continues his 20 pt streak

- Klay is in the flow, regardless of his stat line

- Wiggs stays aggressive, hits FT

- GP2 looks like GP2

- Draymond plays the whole game

If we hit on all of those, then I'm not really even bothered if we lose (although I imagine we'd probably win)

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So like... THIS game should be a win, right????

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Magic stats:


28 in points scored (104.3)

19 in points in paint (45.7)

22 in fastbreak points (10.9)

29 in offensive efficiency

28 in shooting % (43.4%)

28 in three point % (33.0%)

26 in two point % (50.6%)

29 in off. rebound % (20.0%)

14 in def. rebound % (77.2%)

23 in total rebound % (49.0%)

27 in opponent blocks (5.2)

26 in opponent steals (8.1)

21 in assists (23.4)

26 in turnovers (14.7)


21 in points allowed (112.1)

6 in opponent points in paint!!!!!!!!!!! (44.4)

10 in opponent fastbreak points!! (11.7)

20 in defensive efficiency

16 in opponent shooting % (45.8%)

27 in opponent three point % (36.4%)

10 in opponent two point % !! (52.2%)

19 in blocks (4.6)

29 in steals (6.8)

16 in opponent assists (24.8)

21 in opponent turnovers (13.3)

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wow, Kerr saying pregame that they're not for sure going to hold Otto and/or Klay out for tomorrow's SEGABABA

> @anthonyVslater

Steve Kerr said no decision has been made yet whether to rest Klay Thompson (or other veterans) in Miami tomorrow night on the second night of back-to-back.

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"Just like the team can’t go far without Curry, the high ceiling of this roster is reliant on Thompson rediscovering his lethal shooting."

I cannot say I agree on that narrative anymore. The fact is this team was elite earlier in the year without Klay but everyone else healthy. Poole struggled to adapt to his presence (and let's just say that I don't think it's a coincidence his recent run came when he started over half of those games and played 32.8 MPG), Wiggins's recent struggles certainly are not helped by Klay taking quite a few shots away from him and for better or worse, who Klay is now will be who Klay is in the playoffs - if he hasn't "shot himself" back into it after 25 games, it won't happen in 36 games either.

It genuinely feels like Klay Thompson this season was subtraction by addition. Let us hope I am proven wrong in the postseason.

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I'm excited about GP2's return tonight. They've really missed his energy and efficiency. Getting GP2 and OPJ back to the level they were playing at earlier this year will do wonders for the stretch run.

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