Breaking: Kent Bazemore Returning to GSW

BazeGod incoming

The News

Ex-Warrior, Stephen-Curry-buddy, defensive energy wing who can hit some 3s, all-time bench celebrator Kent Bazemore will be returning to GSW this year for what appears to be a one-year veteran’s minimum.

I am guessing Baze probably wasn’t offered much minimum and he went with the comfortable situation with GSW and Stephen Curry...? Or else he left a lot of money on the table.

Drew Shiller has been predicting this for a while:

The Nostalgia

Twitter avatar for @LetsGoWarriorsLet’s Go Warriors 💦💛💙 @LetsGoWarriors
Fun fact: @24Bazemore was the first in-locker-room video we ever posted on our YouTube channel! Full Q&A:…

Let’s Go Warriors 💦💛💙 @LetsGoWarriors

ICYMI, Kent Bazemore celebrated a birthday recently and we also discovered he was the subject of our very first locker room video way back on 5/10/2013 #Roaracle Here he is talking about the 4 rookies back then: himself, Draymond, Barnes and @festus:

Highlights from his GSW days:

and recent Baze:

What’s Next?

Current Depth Chart

  • Curry / Wanamaker / Mannion&Poole

  • Oubre / Lee / Poole&Mulder

  • Wiggins / Bazemore / Mulder

  • Draymond / Paschall / Looney

  • Chriss / Wiseman / Smiley

Looks likely Mannion and Toscano-Anderson will have to be on two-ways. I don’t know how firm Smiley’s spot is, but I assume he’ll be inactive if we get a vet center.

Reports are GSW are still trying for a veteran center, with Marc Gasol rumored. But LAL is also interested in Gasol and that looks like a surer bet for ring chasing.