Blazers stun Warriors 108-106 on Lillard's game winning bomb


The Golden State Warriors lost another heartbreaker, this time to the Portland Trail Blazers thanks to a huge clutch three from Damian Lillard.

Here’s a quick recap with some of LGW’s comments from the game thread:

1Q: Warriors 29, Blazers 28

Eric Apricot: Dubs on track to win 160-0

sabrinasez: 160-100

Alex: Steph on pace to hit 14 3’s on 100% shooting

stopnpop: You forgot the second unit has to come in at some point.

rcknfn: Ugh! Moulder needs Scully to get his shot going

sabrinasez: The Buckets Are Out There

Abaddon: Good timing

Halftime: Warriors 56, Blazers 55

ServantOfLuna: Lillard hasn’t gone crazy on offense yet. Is it because of our defense?

Captain Jack: Yeah, Warriors have done a pretty god job of doubling him right when he’s about to shoot

Alex: Maybe he doesn’t want to risk shooting and losing his newly designated position as Best Point Guard In The League

AttilaTheHun: That or he’s waiting in ambush for the second half. Let’s hope it’s our defense.

3Q: Blazers 82, Warriors 80

Emmerick: Wtf? Horrible minutes :/

OGG Gurl: Looney looks gassed

Belilaugh: Did Fitz say this game had an “ominous” feeling? I don’t feel that at all lol.

Bobbita: Probably because dame hasn’t done anything and we’re still down. I still don’t feel that either though.

Final: Blazers 108, Warriors 106

Alv66: I mean, you saw that coming from approximately 9,530 miles away

Sleepy Freud: Why the fvck were they not doubling there?

Juicy J: This game is now awful, and i hate it

Abaddon: Lillard sucks all night, hits a couple of threes late and gets to be the hero

John Brown: Well they do call him Dame time

Eric Apricot: Ah well, a painful end, but “luckily” not close to the most painful loss this season