May 12, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

My best lineup: Curry/Thompson/Iguodala/Durant/Green.

I know, not very imaginative. But I say actually maybe best ever on any team.

2nd for Warriors would be your Ewing lineup :)

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I'm sorry because I don't know where to put general Warriors-related comments, no disrespect intended.

But I read something about the salary cap being projected to decrease for next season, which would depreciate the value of the bigger contracts and increase the value of draft picks. Theoretically, seems like something that would help the Warriors if they are trying to trade the pick.

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All I know is after we got Webber I really wanted them to do whatever it took to get Kidd.

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May 10, 2020Liked by Poor Man's Commish

The Ewing squad would be pretty fearsome in the 90's, since switch-attacking traditional bigs (like Ewing) wasn't as much a thing as it is today. Not sure how well Ewing would fit with the rapid-paced TMC Dubs, but it would give them an excellent weapon for when the games get slown down and they needed some classic 90's ISO post scoring.

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