Missed last night's game, and it sounds like one of his best of the year -- at least that's a LOT of points. But I've been concerned about Klay forcing things by dribbling, driving, and taking too many tough shots. If he reverts to run off screens, catch and shoot Klay, I'll breathe a sigh of relief.

I do think he needs to mesh better with Poole and Wiggins.

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Mavericks vs. Jazz tomorrow. Who do we want to root for? I'll go with Jazz. They've got a harder schedule remaining compared to the Mavericks, so it'll be harder for them to keep the #4 spot.

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> Pau Gasol Exploring Role With Golden State Warriors

So, we got Gasol... kinda... maybe? Haha


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Nuggets beat the Thunder and retain the #6 spot of the West. They are now 1 game ahead of the Wolves and 1.5 games behind the Jazz and the Mavericks.

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Bulls beat the Cavaliers and keep the #5 spot of the East.

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Mar 27, 2022·edited Mar 27, 2022

Nets beat the Heat 110-92 and Grizzlies beat the Bucks 127-102. Top 4 of the East is now:

1. 76ers (46-27)

2. Heat (47-28)

3. Celtics (46-28)

4. Bucks (46-28)

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Oh my. Heat's getting crushed by the Nets.

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The Suns and Memphis are in a different class than the Dubs. The makeup of their teams have covered all the bases. No weaknesses for either. We cannot say that about the Warriors. It's not that we cannot beat these teams but it willl only happen once in a while because we do not play with a lot of consistency and we are very reliant psychologically on Steph and Draymond. Our poor play was said to rest on the absence of Dray when he was injured. Now, it is on Steph. I say it is on the support players and the stats back this up. The Warriors have not built a complete team, yet that competes in all phases of the game. Inconsistent shooting, inconsistent defense, small lineups that don't match up. And aging does have a factor of its own. Shall we move on to Kerr's inability to adjust his rotations for maximum results? I'm not sure what that would be, but more to the point, he doesn't seem to know what that would be. That only leaves the quality of the play we are getting from our team. We have some great pieces and we have some holes. I would think the fix comes from the GM when they address these deficiencies.

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Nets up 67-46 against the Heat at halftime.

Grizzlies up 59-46 against the Bucks at halftime.

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Important games tonight: Grizzlies vs. Bucks, Heat vs. Nets, and Cavaliers vs. Bulls.

-If the Bucks win, they'll be tied with the Heat in the Eastern Conference until the results of the Heat vs. Nets game.

-If the Heat beat the Nets, they'll stay on top of the East. Otherwise, they'll be tied with the 76ers.

-If the Cavaliers win, they'll be tied with the Bulls.

There's also the Nuggets vs. Thunder, but I think Nuggets will win that one easily. So there's no point in watching it.

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If saying "bench Klay" wakes him up, yeah, bench him, and bench Wiggins ( for real) , he worth less than a bag of stale doritos

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Kyrie "I've been pinching myself" since news of ban on unvaccinated players has been lifted in NY. Personally, I would not pinch myself, it sounds painful and potentially dangerous. When you factor in all the places that hands get to, all the traveling, that's just a lot of unknowns about any pinch. I'm not saying what anyone else should do here, I'm just a man trying to take care of myself and my family; I'm just voicing for the voiceless some concerns that I need to do my own research on, that have no validity, but if I keep looking I just might find some.

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This was last comment on last thread before this one. So I copied over to new thread just in case anyone else is avoiding more important things in their personal lives! haha

Deep Looney thoughts. The Dray/Looney split has finally arrived, and its about time. My argument for the split was for defensive reasons. I have always believed one of those guys should be on the floor at all times because they are our 2 best interior defenders. Slater made the observation that once Steph is back, the Dubs may start Green/Looney if they are up against one of the dominant big men. I think that's a mistake, but here is why.

The main reason for starting Loon w/Green vs the Big Guys is to save Green from the early game wear and tear guarding the 5. Looney fairs no better than anyone else in the league trying to guard the dominant bigs, that's why they are dominant. All he is doing in this case is clocking in at the 5 to take the first 6 minutes of punishment handed out by the opponent's 5.

But what is Looney's true superpower? What made him a legend around these parts? Harden. Looney's real post season value is in his uncanny ability to lock up or deter perimeter scorers. Anyone can collect fouls and get dunked on by KAT. But not everyone can gap wings the way Looney does.

I would start a game with JK, OPJ or Beli at the 5, doesn't really matter which. The last thing you want is Loon picking up 2 early fouls in the first 5 minutes of a game. I want to INVITE the opposing team to start the game going inside and often. I want KAT, Jokic, Ayton too expend energy right out of the gate. I want the opponent thinking they can feast inside on 2s. Let them. So, Beli goes to the bench with 2 fouls at the 5 minute mark and KAT has 8 points in the paint. That's a good thing.

In order to get through these Bigs, with our limited (small) lineup, we have to throw everything at them. You don't start the game with Dray at the 5. You sacrifice some pawns first. Then you bring in Looney, then you close with Green. As the game goes on, the Big tires and you put increasingly better defenders on him.

Just my opinion. When Loon/Green share the floor, their best defense has Green in the middle and Loon gapping wings. And we need that late in games and without our guys being in foul trouble. The 5th slot in the starting lineup is fodder. They are the heroic soldiers about to get posterized for the sake of the team.

Keeping Looney out of the starting lineup isn't a demotion. It's self preservation. Its a necessity if the Dubs are going to win a protracted war against a bevy of bigs.

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I just read all the comments. Here's my 2 cents: Klay's chucking and bad shot selection has been perfect since his return. During his forced rest from basketball, his ego told him he was Michael Jordan, not Game 6 Klay. He needed to purge those false memories with reality checks. Playing more minutes was critical. So was trying and failing to be MJ. Klay will be non-stop, better-than-ever Superstar Game 6 Klay when the playoffs arrive. The game six "switch" will be on more consistently.

VIs-a-vis Klay's defense, it has looked much better to me lately. Don't have stats to back it up.

From a process standpoint, all is well. Kerr and his coaching staff have deftly created conditions for team/player success and failure - with the intent of showing the consequences of lack of effort and intention on defense and the benefit of passing up a good for a great shot (no, Draymond, passing up the bunny for a missed DLee failed 3-point shot was not an example of this concept). All that's needed now - Draymond has to get in game shape, Curry has to rest and heal, Moody and Kuminga need more exposure, GPII and OPJ have to stay healthy.

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The thing about Klay is he makes over half the good shots he takes (many of which are threes), and he misses 3/4 of the bad shots he takes.

Even in the Atlanta game where he was generally solid, he started taking bad shots in the third quarter when we were falling apart.

If he could just avoid taking those mid shot-clock drifting leaners and hand-in-the-face "it's my turn" prayers he'd be playing at all star level offensively.

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