Ask LGW: Would you trade the 2017 & 2018 titles for the 2016 title?

I don’t want to give too much guidance on this, so I will just throw this question as-is to you and invite you to share your opinion.

If you want to see how Dub Nation Twitter voted, you can peek at:

Okay, personally, I would not do the swap.

First, two is greater than one. Of course the 2016 ring would have counted more than a single ring, maybe more like 1.8 rings, but 2 is still greater than 1.8.

Second, the Warriors story is way more interesting as art with the 2016 last minute loss. To deal with the series loss aftermath without complaint and excuses, that was a test of character. (The players didn’t complain, of course the fans had lots of reasons to complain.) And the 2016 win and bandwagon mob afterwards really exposed a lot of people’s weak character in winning, followed by rather sad whining upon KD’s joining GSW.

And as raw sport, having the lows of right after the 2016 Finals and then to have a 2017 season of revenge was coldly sweet. And if GSW wins in 2016, you don’t get KD coming, so you don’t get the 2016-17 Warriors, which is probably the greatest basketball team to ever play.

Yeah, it wasn’t as emotionally clean as having our homegrown boys grow up and have the greatest season ever, but even that might have been very fraught and may have been a more bitter breakup after 2016. Harrison Barnes was bucking for a max, Bogut and Ezeli were important but declining in health, the whole bench was looking for more money and a bigger role. At least with the KD arrival, everyone understood why the gang was getting broken up.

Follow up Question

Would you trade all three titles (2015, 2017, 2018) for a perfect ending to 2016?

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