Regarding Moody, while the shot is obviously the main thing to focus on as he hasn't yet proven he can actually shoot in the NBA, I do think he's shown some nice flashes of "other stuff".

Here's an example near the end of the game of Moody contesting a drive in the paint and showing great verticality, how many SGs can do this and actually affect the shot?


We'll see how he boxes out as he gets stronger but just in terms of reflexes and hands this rebound was pretty impressive


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Having the early stellar record looking more and more important. Looks like the next while at the least will be a battle of attrition among teams of "who do we have to suit up tonight."

It's also interesting the warriors have barely been touched thus far. Hopefully this current outbreak just makes everyone more cautious and keeps our guys healthy!

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Pinch me. Ooooh, do it again, but harder.

The Warriors are 24-6 with a sure-fire Hall of Famer and three lottery picks playing only 300 of the team’s combined 7,225 minutes.

I wouldn’t trade this roster for any other team’s, nor would I trade it for any previous GSW roster. (The Durant-era teams were mighty but didn’t include a next generation like this one.)

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Way too early to be down on Moody. However, there is another 19 year old that looks better than decent. Alperin Sengun. I'm guessing they passed on him to take Moody because they were thinking take a player who can fill Klay's spot in case he isn't Klay again. That may turn out to be the right thinking, but Sengun...

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Predictably, the Celts game L2M report shows that the charge should have been a block… but that Steph traveled on the prior possession, so it would have been a turnover anyways. I know I can always count on the NBA to say that “got it right” somehow

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Dec 19, 2021·edited Dec 19, 2021Liked by Eric Apricot

I liked what Kuminga said in the postgame interview.

“Trust the process,”

“Be a sponge. Listen to everything they tell you. And work every day work hard and get better.”

“It’s a great situation,”….. “There’s days I come in and play and there are days when I don’t play. That’s just about learning lessons. It’s a long season, so you’ve got to stay ready every day. I feel like I’m in a good situation because I’m learning every single day.

“I’m a sponge. It don’t matter if somebody like (rookie Moses) Moody tells me something. I’m going to pick it up and listen and learn. That goes for everybody.”

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Current scoring volume/efficiency of the top 10 picks in the 2021 draft.

1. Cunningham 17.9 pts per 36 on .493 ts

2. Green 16.3 on .498

3. Mobley 15.7 on .538

4. Barnes 15.6 pts on .554

5. Suggs 15.9 pts on .444

6. Giddey 12.7 on .445

7. Kuminga 18.6 on .556

8. Wagner 16.3 on .532

9. Mitchell 13.6 on .471

10. Williams 9.6 on .443

[Checks math] Kuminga #1 in scoring efficiency, #1 in scoring volume among the top ten. At 19 years and 47 days old. That’ll do?

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Why is it that Warriors fans on Twitter seem to think they know more than Steve? Is it something that us as "international" fans cannot understand? Because it really baffles me. Has he not earned the right not to be constantly questioned even? I'd really love to understand this. One guy on the spaces said that Steve is intimidated by a young, talented black player from Africa. He's holding him back and he doesn't know how to coach him. What does that even mean?? I really like JK's game. I'd always hoped the pick would convey and the Warriors draft him. He just has a lot of tools that the team didn't have. Him being a fellow African and the story he has means I like him even more. I'd love for JK to get more minutes. With that being said, I trust Steve to do what's best for him. If he gets pulled out for mistakes or has his flows pointed out I'll respect that because it's Steve- he's seen it all. But this isn't just about JK. I see and hear folks question Steve all the time and I just wonder what the story is there?

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Moody has the athleticism of looney fr fr he has to shoot at a high clip or he will be out of the league sooner then later

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Poll: Would you trade Kuminga for Barnes straight up?

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Y’all remember on draft night how we were pretending we picked Moody 7th and Kuminga 14th? Me neither ;-)

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The Inactive List tonight was a legit eight-man playoff rotation for a title contender.









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Down goes Utah!

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What a huge shot from KCP, Jazz down 5 at home with 12 seconds left

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Had to miss the game today -- statistically the starters seemed to shoot ok. did we lose mainly on turnovers?

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I hope Kuminga played himself into a backup role tonight, he deserves it. Great game.

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