(39-33) Warriors clinch #8, Steph takes over down stretch, drops 46

Swarming, tough defense makes it all possible

Box Score Watch

  • GSW clinch #8.

  • Bazemore continued his undefeated streak of pouring ice-water on national TV interviewees

  • DEN-POR will decide whether #7 is LAL or POR. If POR loses and LAL wins, GSW will play POR. Otherwise LAL.

  • GSW clinched keeping their first round pick.

  • MIN at #5 lottery seed.

  • The Scoring Title Race is still exciting. Beal played on a bad hamstring helped WAS get the #8 East spot, but Steph wins the scoring title with 31.9 PPG.

Apricot's Scattered In-Game Notes

  • I haven’t seen it mentioned… but I believe Steph has clinched the scoring title

  • Wow those rims were titanium hard on those last Steph and Dray jumpers of the half

  • Our Guy Juanito is a micro Dray on offense too

  • Wow Wiggins baited that Brooks layup for that block

  • I love the extra hustle on these loose balls (Wiggins had some memorable plays). And Wiggins just has the easy levitation around the rim…

  • So far they’ve done a hell of a job containing Valanciunas. Not bad for a team who’s lost all its centers Final Destination style

  • Multiple times that Steph could have jumped into defenders flying at him. That sh*t works in this broken NBA, but I’m glad he’s not doing the Trae

  • They’ve Tony Allened the hell out of Ja. To be honest, I would be happy to root for MEM in any non-GSW series

  • Steph following the Dilly rule of not shooting closer than 5 feet from the 3 pt line

  • Looney buzzer beater was the definition of “found money”

  • This team has carefully clinically trained us with every game to believe that you can NEVER NEVER believe a lead is safe [posted with 17 pt lead at end of Q3]

  • That last one looked particularly off balance

  • Okay…. Our Guy Juan limping… landed on a foot I think to sprain an ankle

  • I think Looney is getting clobbered in the face every time he gets posted up

  • Poole also came up tender on that play…

  • Okay, new game. [posted after MEM comes all the way back to tie… I can laugh about this now]

  • I don’t know why MEM sagged so far off that Dray DHO to Steph. Open 3 miss, but that Wiggins put back a thing of beauty.

  • Woooo hooo challenge power

  • Dray Pitch-backs to Steph are killing MEM

  • Steph hits a stepback so gorgeous, he had to expose his six pack to the world

  • Aka “The Baron”

  • Waaaaaaariors

  • I appreciate the positivity, ESPN announcers, but I wouldn’t talk about the bench as a strength right now in the same quarter that they gave up a 8-0 run in 2 minutes and triggered the emergency sprinklers