50/40/90 watch. I know, I know, it's not a perfect measure of player value and it really should be 2p%/3p%/FT instead of FG%. But round numbers are fun, so stop being a spoilsport (FG%>.475, 3P%>.385, FT%>.850):

Steph .485/.426/.915 31.5 PPG

KD .546/.479/.875 28.3 PPG (NASTY...but 26 G)

Tobias Harris .520/.401/.891 19.7 PPG

Kyrie .500/.385/.922 27 PPG

CP3 .494/.388/.935 16.3 PPG

Jokic .564/.409/.860 26.3 PPG

Kawhi .516/.397/.881 25.3 PPG

Middleton .475/.425/.894 20.4 PPG

Jamal Murray 0.477/0.408/0.869 21.2 PPG

Norman Powell 0.482/0.411/0.866 18.7 PPG

KAT 0.487/0.394/0.862 24.8 PPG

11 players make the cut. None seem particularly likely to actually reach the magic round numbers, but it's definitely becoming more common than the 1-2 players who would get there each decade. If Kyrie gets hot or Tobias hits his FTs, they're the only ones who could make the club this year.

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Wow Wiggins!

r/Warriors @GSWreddit

On criticism of Wiggins not caring:

“A couple weeks ago his girlfriend was going into labor, he had her delay inducing labor so that he can play a regular season game for the Warriors and then immediately after the game was over he said yep time to induce labor, I’ll be there.”

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Lately the stats I've been most fascinated by have been per 100 min ORtg and DRtg. I have noticed though that certain players seem to be far better than these stats make them out to be, and one is Andrew Wiggins. Can anyone explain to me why these stats seem to indicate that he is poor at both offense and defense, while so many other things indicate the opposite?

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On 95.7 some blithering idiot on their morning show is saying Wiseman needs to be like Zion, as if anything about them were similar.

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LGW friend Patrick Murray completely nails it on the nuances of the Minny pick — making last week’s diaper-wetting by Slater and Strauss (both of whom I normally like) look foolish: https://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickmurray/2021/05/05/golden-state-warriors-face-rare-chance-to-improve-playoff-positioning-and-nba-draft-prospects/?sh=4c5f936fce13

TLDR: Minnesota rising a bit at this point is probably more good for us than bad. To that end: let’s crush OKC!!

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It's really irritating that we won't sign another 10 day guy because this short rotation is going to exhaust the guys and get someone injured.

That's more what I'm concerned about. I don't even care about where we end up seeding wise because it'll most likely be a quick 1st round exit, but these guys have been basically been playing one-two series' worth of playoff rotations over the last two weeks. Someone is gonna get run into the ground pretty soon, and I have a feeling it's going to be one of Steph, Dray, or Wiggins.

If that happens and we're down a key player for next season, the front office has some 'splaining to do.

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Washington has 7 more games to play; Dubs, 6. For Bradley Beal to beat Steph for the NBA scoring title, he has to score 96 more points in his remaining 7 games, than whatever Steph scores in his remaining 6, assuming they both play in all their teams' remaining games. Doable, yes, but, highly-unlikely....

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May 5, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee

Hey, we got the must-have split; almost hit a home-run on a B2B in their court, while they are hitting their inside-outside stride. We know it is going to be tough; nothing more than a body-count, the rest of the way; as expected. The great news is Steph is in MVP form, Dray and Wigs are shining, and, what is left, is giving a max effort. Hope DRAY plays next one; sunk without him. LGW.

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Gosh, such a close game and so frustrating to lose another one with a 4th-quarter collapse like this. Don't know if we could have had another guy signed to a 10-day and clear health & safety protocols in time to actually play on the road trip. I'm guessing the front office thought not, so they didn't bother.

Thing is, almost every spot in the standings from 7-8 is one potential game with home court for the play-in. 9th gets to host 10; 8th either gets into the playoffs or hosts the winner of 9/10; 7th hosts 8th and if they lose, hosts the final play-in game. With the standings as crazy close as they are, this game could mean one less at Chase Center with fans... What do you think, with COVID-19 protocols, does that cost more or less than a 10-day?

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This loss was inevitable once the arena lights turned off while Steph was shooting and broke his calibration for the rest of the game...

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Warriors final six games are all at home:

5/6- vs. Thunder

5/8- vs. Thunder

5/10- vs. Jazz

5/11- vs. Suns

5/14- vs. Pelicans

5/16- vs. Grizzlies

I predict we go W, W, L, L, W, L over that span.

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Even if we had won, a 33-year old Stephen Curry playing 37 minutes in the SEGABABA would make this an automatic L. Getting really bad Kobe vibes right now... I don't care about the seed, just let everyone stay healthy.

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May 5, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

I wish I had a better explanation why GP2 or GR3 are not on ten days besides our FO mailing it in. Omari Spellman too. But I can’t see a rational alternate explanation. 10 days are like 100 grand. Ridiculous. I’m certainly not interested in paying $450 for a ticket to an FO who is not serious about fielding a team for every game.

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Fitz is a jinx. Wish Kerr would've had Steph rest a little longer. FO still hanging my guys out to dry. Hoping D. Lee and EP are back very soon, if for nothing more than to take up some of these minutes.

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May 5, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

I will grade A for Andrew Wiggins and B for Brandon Ingram.

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I can't help but think a guy like GP2 would have been nice to throw at Lonzo Ball tonight

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