(28-29) Dubs lose down the stretch, Steph tosses in 47 and sprains ankle, Juanito takes bad tumble and bangs up head

Let's hope everyone heals well and quickly

Standings Watch

  • 2.5 games ahead of NOP for the last play-in spot.

  • 3 games behind DAL for losing their 1st rounder and keeping the MIN 2nd.

  • Beal scored 37, Steph scored 47 so Steph gained in the Scoring Leader race. After tonight, Beal has 1462 PTS in 47 G = 31.11 PTS/G. Steph has 1521 PTS in 49 G = 31.04 PTS/G.

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • I believe Jessup’s Australian contract only allows him to leave for a proper NBA contract, not a two-way

  • The linebacker duo of Dray and Our Guy Juanito has been terrorizing the passing lanes

  • I think there was a little devil Curry on one shoulder yelling THROW IT DOWN LITTLE MAN and luckily he listened to his other shoulder

  • Q1.2:20. Fun to watch Dray and Steph negotiate a very sloooow scram switch on D. Then Juanito with a reverse layup... I don’t trust those but it went in

  • When that Dray-Steph-Juanito three man game is flowing, it overwhelms the D with IQ and creativity.

  • When Steph hit that step back over Smart after putting him in the blender, I involuntarily yelled OH MY GOD. There’s deep analysis for you.

  • Wiggins fought like a platypus bear for that DREB

  • Almost as well as giant lion turtle spirits

  • GP2 fought like a platypus bear for that steal... but then I don’t like how he cut through to bring help to the Wiggs iso mismatch

  • Two exceptionally lucky shots. But he was a big shot maker in college

  • Poole with the questionable strategy of isoing Smart. But bails out to a loooong Steph 3

  • Q3.0:35. Steph doubled, they go to their counter, the pitchback from Looney

  • Q4.11:35. Quietly smart play from Juanito. Saw Walker was on Wiggs and cut through fast before his man could help

  • I’m not sold on Poole’s 3s off the dribble but he is damn crafty at finishing around the hoop

  • Q4.7:30. GSW calls Head Tap. BOS D relays call, readies D. It went by fast but I think GSW countered by having the PG turn early to set a screen. Play definitely went in an interesting direction

  • Ok he’s walking....

  • Sprained ankle I hope hope hope

  • Uhhhh I hope JTA just has the wind knocked out pls pls pls

  • Holding his head... maybe cut head and going into the concussion protocol?

  • Welcome to your random ending

  • Great game. In some timelines, Baze hits the FTs and Smart misses the 3. Sadly we got the bad timeline. But the really worst timeline involves serious injuries to Steph and Juanito so…