(25-28) GSW closes out HOU on Steph's 38, Juanito’s hustle; Breath held for Wiseman's knee

It's never all good news

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • Something about a wrist

  • Correct. Every loss is good for Tank Commander, every win is just good

  • Maybe.... I’m praying the hands are getting better... it LOOKS like it’s getting better... but there are still odd plays

  • Whoa that was an ambitious dunk try from Poole

  • Sprained wrist

  • Hope Wiseman is okay. That was a pretty amazing block on him though

  • So nice to see the bench expand the lead!

  • Wiggs seems to be in a groove... Also I’m waiting for that whole “swat the shot after the whistle “ move to one day be called a goaltend...

  • That was a damn sweet save from Damion

  • That was such a nice counter from Looney. Post is double covered? Handoff to Baze gliding into the open space

  • GSW is playing with energy but a bit sloppy... but then I see we’re up 17 so

  • Mulder looks like he’s not in the flow of the offense. Not always sure where to be.


  • Our Guy Juanito just 5 dimension chessed Draymond’s 4 dimensional chess. The rare pass thrown to Dray that he wasn’t ready for.

  • I really doubt Jessup is showing up before summer league at the very earliest

  • Yep. And I guess there hasn’t exactly been a ton of practice during this NBA cram season

  • yeeesh, Draymond was literally hopping mad after whipping a pass past Our Guy Juanito. I’m not sure if he was mad Juanito wasn’t in the corner, or at himself for airmailing that

  • That jump-into foul is a BS foul that should be eradicated from the game.

  • This is the dawning of the Age of the GP2 Age of the GP2

  • FYI from Slater: James Wiseman is leaving the game. Grabbed at his right knee after crashing dunk attempt. Tried to stretch it out during timeout but trainers pulled him off the court and to the locker room.

  • It didn’t look like much to be honest. Maybe a bang on the knee and an awkward landing?

  • Nice block from Our Guy Juanito, then an OREB. Back to doing Juanito things. Of course I wish I didn’t have to choose between seeing Wiseman and Juanito in the lineup but

  • Our Guy Juanito with another nice play, slowing the play down to find and dribble handoff to Steph for a 3. He then actually directs Dray to post up for a split cut which leads to a drive and dish to a Wiggs layup (blown). Then nice defense on Wall who has been torching us.

  • Heeeey it was the legendary Wiggins-Curry PNR! Wiggs actually drove and dished back to Steph for an open 3.

  • Steph takes the ball 360 around the waist before the and-1. Art.

  • Wood has a soft touch on this shots. They have the softest rim bounces. And that Dray teardrop did bring tears to my eyes.


  • Those of you who don’t recognize my quote need to review the video on the Bang Bang Game and Draymond’s halftime tantrum

  • Is John Wall shooting above 100% from 3 today?

  • I like to see Mulder finishing at the rim!

  • Uh.... are Wall and Juanito arguing over who gets to pick Wood up off the floor?? Vigorous disagreement

  • Q4.4.40. Looked like a variant of Cyclone for the sideline.

  • Nice to see Our Guy Juanito getting some reps running the short roll when Steph gets trapped

  • Interesting counter there. Steph getting trapped, Our Guy Juanito running this short roll, last few plays got GSW open 3s which clanked, so this time, short roll took it into the lane but dished to a cutter.

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