Looney is the Dark Knight

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In-season Tournament Schedule has been released: https://www.nba.com/in-season-tournament/2023/schedule

11/03/23: Warriors @ Thunder 8pm ET

11/14/23: Timberwolves @ Warriors 10pm ET

11/24/23: Spurs @ Warriors 10pm ET

11/28/23: Warriors @ Kings 10pm ET

The Warriors play on both the first and last days of the regularly-scheduled tournament games.

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re: Rebounds. That last vid you posted vs. the NOP. That first rebounds was pure hustle, but that second rebound. That was a thing of beauty and is worth studying for a moment.

0:10. Poole heaves, and Valunciunas, who btw, is 6'11", 265 lbs, boxes Looney out towards the left break.

0:11 Loon starts edging towards the top of the key, and Val feels it, so as the ball comes in towards the hoop, V leans his right shoulder towards the top of the key to cut Loon off in that direction.

0:12 JP's brick is short, bouncing off the front of the rim back towards the right side of the top of the key. Loon places his hand near the back of Val's jersey. *** What's happening here? ***

Val seems to take an extra step towards the right side of the basket, then realize he overstepped, and arches back for the rebound. Meanwhile, Loon is tracking the rebound, and reaches out towards the top of the key and limberly grabs the ball with one hand, two hands.

0:13 Loon dribbles and passes to Steph for the automatic.

So, did Loon push Valanciunas? Maybe? I dunno. If he did, it was minor enough that the refs didn't see or call it. Maybe he just gave him a little helpful nudge in the direction he was already going, or maybe the angle is weird, and he didn't touch him at all. Regardless, even if he did, it's probably gentle enough to count as jostling for position.

But the rebound itself, what a thing of beauty. To be totally out of position and boxed out, to be able to jostle and get the opposing center to react to your jostling just enough that he's now out of position, and thereby create a clear path to the ball. Then to be quick enough to react and reach towards where the ball will be in the future (which it should be pointed out was farther from where Loon was at the moment the ball hit the rim than it was for opposing players). From the video angle, it looked like there were possibly three Pelicans who could've grabbed that board if Loon had been a touch slower or less lengthy.

That rebound encapsulates Loon's unique rebounding prowess. The BBIQ to know where the ball might go, the ability to jostle for position in an intelligent manner, and the quick twitch read and react on where the ball will be going to grab it out of the air at the perfect time.

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Speaking of bad takes, this was my ‘bad take’ after we got through drafting Patrick Baldwin Jr in 2022


Jun 23, 2022

Wanted Jaden Hardy.

Folks at this point I should be getting paid by the Warriors front office. I just happened to remember this take cause I was just listening to Duncd On Basketball podcast revisiting the 2022 offseason and this is the only move they gave the Mavericks positive marks on 🤗

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I have many Warriors shirts but they're mostly team based--never bought a jersey because I couldn't choose. But in 2022-23 I bought a #5 jersey. From the days he was obviously playing in pain to the present he has worked to add to his skill set, increase his efficiency, and even his durability. Inspiring.

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Seth Partnow NBA player tiers:

TIER 5A: Klay, JP3, LoonDawg, GP2

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I ❤️ Lunchbox Looney

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That Šarić guy in Team Croatia’s two Olympic qualifiers combined (v Netherlands and v Belgium)

26 pts on 9-17 fg

7 rebounds

11 assists (!)

4 steals

2 blocks

+57 (!!!)

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Who is offering anything valuable for Harden at this point? This will surely go down in flames. Fat suit. PPV special boxing match Morey vs Harden. Embiid unfollowing him on Twitter. The whole package.

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Thanks for coming up with the stats. I thought those numbers had been floated out there at some point. Making the second unit more efficient and consistent is the primary issue. I think this team will be fine. Thanks for taking time to pull the numbers.....

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You can really tell who knows and watches basketball based on their view of Looney.

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One of my favorite memories in the Dubs-Kings series was early on when Sabonis got the ball in the post against Loon. He pump fakes and Looney doesn't move. He pump fakes again and Looney doesn't move. Then he throws up a weak shot falling away that barely draws iron.

Note to league: Looney doesn't go for pump fakes

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Loon. The ultimate professional. Never up or never down. Always ready for battle. Warrior for life.

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A rarity I know, but Ive had a handful of bad takes on here over the years (GSOM/ESPN included). by far the worst take Ive ever had was saying the Warriors blew that 2015 draft by drafting Looney over Osman. Looney is up there IMO along with Draymond and Gilbert Arenas in Warriors late pick draft history lore

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I am a huge Looney fan for all the reasons pointed out in the article. Yet I think it fair when praising a player to take a look at weaknesses as well as strengths. I think as a Warrior fan I've become accustomed to the idea that we're just not going to get much of a scoring threat at the 5. (Which is pretty remarkable because we also don't from Draymond.) Whenever Looney makes or even takes a jumper (if that's the word) my jaw drops. That's pretty remarkable in an era when big men shoot better than ever. I'll also say that although I love his offensive rebounding, it does come in an era with two changes that help explain why he leads the league. One change is big men playing on the perimeter, so it's hard to crash the boards. Another is some teams encouraging hustling back on D after a shot goes up and conceding the rebound.

Looney has become an integral key piece for the Warriors. But I wouldn't put him in the top 10 centers in the league. Which is fine, because at the outset of his career I wouldn't have thought I'd even consider the question. His injury recovery and overall improvement have been outstanding.

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Looney is a respectful, quiet, DAWG.

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