"I love how everyone acts like Draymond solves all of our problems. If anything, he creates more of them lol" - same person on GSOM that thinks Steph should handle the ball way more instead of Draymond so his fantasy numbers will look better

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What was that reporter expect asking Oubre those questions. "Yes I'm going into arguably the most significant FA of my career so let me just answer all of these stupid questions now about my expected role/money and lose all my leverage"

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Thanks LGW for the Oubre postgame link.

"Would you be willing to take less money..."

Oubre: "Yeah sure. I'll be garnishing your wages to make up the difference, oh wait, you make what? nvm"

smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh

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Regarding Oubre's postgame, he did the right thing by shutting down the reporters from asking sensationalistic questions, answers to which would have had no impact in reality.

I am not bashing KD because he can do what he wants but the way he handled free agency talk (will he/won't he) was an unnecessary distraction.

Yesterday's postgame, I don't who it was but what would make a reporter ask a question "will you take less money". SMFH.

So good on Oubre. I got more respect for him today than I did yesterday.

/end of rant/

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What frustrates me most about Wiseman, having nothing to do with what I believe about the scouting department’s appraisal of what he will ultimately become, is that we drafted for need instead of thinking about how we can acquire players that are desirable in the trade market. If we had Lamelo or Haliburton, it would be easy to foresee us being able to trade them to upgrade our wings. Land Beal or Siakum, or some mix of guys like Lavine and Ball.

Bigs being what they are, even if Wiseman was going to pan out, (and there’s still a possibility of that, but I’m going to take the under), there probably wasn’t going to be the kind of clarity after year one that would make them as valuable in the trading market as a promising young guard or wing. But instead of thinking about how to maximize the big three’s prime, they were thinking about how to keep the run going a la the Spurs. I get the allure of that, but now you’re betting on landing a generational talent like Duncan or Kawhi, which is never a bet you want to make.

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Man, that post game with Kelly O is rough...

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Man, I don't get all this Wiseman negativity and the dumping on the front office for his being drafted. At the start of the season I penciled in the team for a 35-37 record and they are right on that pace. Wiseman understandably has that deer-in-the-headlights look this year, but one day 2,3,4 years from now has a great chance to be a beast. As far as the FO blowing the draft? Let's actually take a look at the past two drafts. Poole: an excellent surprise pick late in the first. Smailagic: a tremendous unknown picked where few ever excel, being a big, might have the same timeline as JW. Paschall: very good value as mid 2nd rounder. Wiseman: see above. Nico: hella good potential. Justinian Jessup: has the look as maybe the answer to our prayers. I think the front office has done pretty damn well.

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PMC's comments in his other post about the staff's deliberate tank job has me both confident and concerned at the same time. Just hope the team continues to support it, and continues to support the young bucks' confidence

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JW does look like a 4 year project which doesn't really fit the big 3 win now window. Grabbing someone NBA ready in the 2 slot and trading that for a need may have been a better move.

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Mar 26, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

OT: Obi Toppin last six games *combined*:

0 points (0-8 fg)

5 rebounds

1 assist

Dude is 23. I say let’s continue to be patient with our 19 year-old, frustrating as he was to watch last night.

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If im curry ill be piss with management.

Instead of putting the best pieces for him to compete for Next year championship , we will be Kinder garden. Remenber Next year we Will have another top rookie to develop. And learn. Again

Its ok if we want to rebuild. But we have a prime curry, a top 15 player of ALL TIME.

And we are surrounding Him with puppies.

He deserves much more.

Hope Next year the FO makes the moves and get real bench and veteranes to give curry a fair shot. He deserves IT.

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Sorry folks perseverating again, I know I keep putting this same concept out there, but I haven’t quite gotten it out the right way. One hopefully final attempt:

The ownership group of the Warriors are total badasses in many ways. Their approach to getting fans into Chase Center in safety is pro active and will pay dividends for our country if we learn from it for future pandemics. The way they went about building Chase center in the first place, and the commitment they have to excellence is well documented. The way they approach the salary cap and asset management is a blessing to fans of the team. With so many positives in their planning and execution it’s human nature to think it would translate in to on court sports acumen. The reality is that all those successes don’t make them qualified to get overly involved in basketball operations and they fell into the hubris trap that successful people and organizations often do. That success in one area will translate into another.

No matter how many times we see successful people think they can master the “business” of sports performance there will inevitably be a steep and painful learning curve.

If Lacobs and co had stuck to draft asset management they might have been very successful for a very long time. Once they got overly involved in player evaluation, and now coaching decisions, the wheels are destined to come off. The Athletes can carry the performance for a while, but there are even odds that Kerr will start having stress related health issues before the end of next season. And it’s a safe bet that playing with joy will not be back in the near future, even with the return of Klay.

Once (if?) ownership learns that you can’t actually know if a Center will be a generational talent based on their High School/AAU and three preseason college games of film, and actually start paying attention to the development times of the different types of players in relation to the extended primes (and contracts) of the current core, they will eventually learn if they are any good at the roster building job, and maybe even improve at it. Once they realize how badly they screwed their chance of maximizing their hall of fame coach’s talents by refusing to take players that would enhance the system he is most comfortable with, they will have a chance to do better with the next coaching staff. For now they went from bringing in top GM talent like Jerry West to make collaborative decisions with, to bringing in players with no GM experience to make collaborative decisions with. That shift alone should reveal what the rest of Curry’s prime will look like with the Warriors.

It’s not just Wiseman’s learning curve that Warriors fans should be concerned about.

As for Wiseman, Embiid finally seems to be carrying his team the way people have expected for years at age 27 (but they still have yet to make the eastern conference finals) AD couldn’t carry a team that even had a highly respected PG through age 26. We need to respect and judge Wiseman’s progress based on a top center’s developmental timeline, which unfortunately is highly unlikely to lead to added playoff value for a few years at best. Let us just hope that the current coaching staff is allowed to train Wiseman in winning habits at some point.

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I don't think it's fair to make an assessment on how Wiseman will turn out until a couple years. Whether picking him for this team was the best decision however is a relevant convo.

Given all his struggles, the thing that I hate the most with Wiseman is his attitude. The way he gets a(e?)ffected by his bad play doesn't look like the "I'll get better from this" feeling but the "I'm going to get into my own head".

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Hopefully there is a Vegas summer league and wiseman nico and jessup go. Maybe even Poole if he wants the work. If wiseman puts in the work this summer and trains with some old timers he can make some real progress for next year

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It seems more and more likely that Kerr wishes Wiseman was at the end of the bench where he belongs until he earns his minutes but is being forced to start him and play him more. If Kerr (and Myers?) Were also forced to draft him by Lacob, then this feels like Smiley but 10 times worse and more impactful. Depending on what lamelo turns into and what wiseman can become, this (as it looks today) could go down as an epic blunder. That being said, if Wiseman has a 25-15 game later this season, we'll all be talking about how many MVPs he'll get in his career, but it just seems less and less likely the more I watch him

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Mar 26, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Anyone heard Oubre's post-game comments? Pretty rough.

Doubt he's willing to accept lower money and a bench role. Considering we got nothing for him, there's a very real possibility he walks in the summer.

Another very real possibility that we miss the playoffs via the play-in game. If we finish 9/10 as looks likely, we need to lose 1 game in 2 which can definitely happen.

The good thing is that we've got a really good young player. The bad news is that it's not the guy we picked at #2 in the draft over likely all-stars in LaMelo (almost certainly) and Haliburton (possibly) and useful 3 and D wings in Vassell and Patrick Williams.

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