Rewatching the game today, I noticed some things that didn't jump out to me live. I have to take back what I said about the coaches being weird putting Wiseman in at the end. By FAR the best stretch of the game was in the 3rd quarter with Wiseman on the court. While he made mistakes, he also played a part in a bunch of the plays that created the comeback. You can see Draymond whispering to him and then him working with Dray to set two screens to get Poole loose for a drive and kick or open for a 3. His screens still seem to be in the wrong place a lot of the time, but for whatever reason he was still getting teammates open. He also had that excellent pass to a cutting Wiggins, which must have been doubly exciting for the coaches to see Wiggins beat his man to make a back cut (lol).

In general, that lineup convincingly looked like they were working TOGETHER in a way that was giving Philly's defense trouble through the 3rd quarter. Going back to Wiseman and all of those guys together in the 4th was the natural move for this coaching staff. They often reward lineups that are working well that day.

Also, when Wiseman does have a good stretch, as a coach you've gotta be thinking "maybe he's making the leap right now" and the temptation to play him and not squander whatever rhythm he's in must be astronomically high. Wiseman playing all around good basketball by the end of this season, after all, would be as big of a win for the team next year as almost anything else they can accomplish.

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Soo tired of seeing people insist losing with Wiseman will lead to a better future. Losing franchises lose for decades with top draft picks.

Losing doesn’t breed winning.

Winning breeds winning. Players being forced to develop winning habits to get on to the court breeds winning habits. Players with losing habits playing ahead of players who have put in the work to earn it DESTROYS winning habits and demotivates those potential workers who fill in the gaps that lead to winning.

That is the fundamental truth of sports people calling for Wiseman’s development need to understand. His development will truly come by beating out Looney and JTA on the fundamentals to earn playing time.

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Wiseman desperately needed to go to the G-League bubble and play 40 minutes a game. He’s not close to understanding team basketball, and the team should not sacrifice a season for the unknown future (no team ever should.)

Too bad ego still trumps effectiveness so often in the NBA (as evidenced by Oubre’s quotes on Poole being too good for the G-league despite the clear benefits it had for the guys that went.)

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Some really good news, there are TWO two-day breaks coming up in the next week without Steph, once before the Bulls home game on the 29th, once after. So that should probably mean they get more practices that week than they've gotten with Wise since he joined the team?

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There is no logical explanation for JTA to not get consistent minutes and if there is Kerr needs to address it, the rotations have been dogshit all year

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I know this is a downer of a question, but how many centers have put up perfect/career shooting games going up against Wiseman this year?

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Was Wanamaker and Paschall even at the game tonight? Feels like every time they showed the bench it was shots of Curry only

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If this was Oubre's last game with the Warriors I'll be sad, he'd be a great player for a championship contender to have.

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I don't usually complain about coaching since there's wayyyy too much of that, but a small quibble would be lineups were very strange to close this game. Almost like the coaches put Wise out there and then went "oh shoot, never mind" and then changed lineups again (and again I think?) all within a couple of minutes.

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Remember that stretch of games where Wiggins was shooting >50% from the field? I miss it. He's still improved on D and from 3, but goddamn is his mid-range infuriating. Poole struggled in this one, but you could see the cogs turning. He missed a few shots and a few passes but he's getting close. Really, really promising that even after the 1-7 start he found a rhythm and 19 pts. Even if he had 4 TO's, his most in a long while.

If this was Oubre's last game as a Dub, it was a really nice one. As a team, still need to rebound better: 13 fewer rebounds led to -13 in second chance points. Wiseman's minutes are gonna be really rough defensively. The Dubs are now 1-4 in non Steph games, but all but the PHX game have been close. But these games are gonna haunt for seeding.

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Wiseman was bad tonight. Hopefully he's just a lil rusty from the time off but he looked worse than before he took the week off. I also wish Kerr hadn't of played him in the last 5 min, the team moral is more important than 3 min of development time imo

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Notable stats:


Harris: (+22)

25 points 9/18 FGs 1/2 three pointers 6/6 FTs

13 rebounds 4 assists 3 turnovers 1 block

Simmons: (+23)

22 points 7/15 FGs 8/14 FTs

8 rebounds (1 off.) 4 assists 2 turnovers 1 steal

Bradley: (+15)

18 points 8/8 FGs 2/2 FTs

11 rebounds (4 off.) 1 turnover 2 steals 2 blocks

Danny Green: (+25)

11 points 4/9 FGs 3/8 three pointers

2 rebounds (1 off.) 1 assist


Oubre: (+4)

24 points 8/14 FGs 2/4 three pointers 6/9 FTs

10 rebounds (3 off.) 3 assists 1 block

Lee: (+6)

16 points 6/7 FGs 2/3 three pointers 2/2 FTs

Poole: (-8)

19 points 5/16 FGs 2/9 three pointers 7/7 FTs

4 rebounds 2 assists 4 turnovers

Wiseman: (-7)

11 points 5/13 FGs 0/1 three pointer

4 rebounds 2 assists 1 block

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Final stats:


45.3% shooting (39/86 FGs)

7/24 three pointers

23/35 FTs

51 rebounds (13 off.)

15 assists

14 turnovers

5 steals

4 blocks


43.4% shooting (36/83 FGs)

8/25 three pointers

18/26 FTs

38 rebounds (6 off.)

22 assists

13 turnovers

5 steals

7 blocks

Points in paint:

76ers: 58

Warriors: 48

Fastbreak points:

76ers: 10

Warriors: 8

Points off turnovers:

76ers: 19

Warriors: 17

Bench points:

76ers: 20

Warriors: 24

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Coming of age game for JP. Really looks very promising right now. Hard 4th but perimeter defenses don't really get much better than this Sixers team.

Wiseman was a disaster defensively (almost always) and offensively (whenever he tried to score except dunking).

Wiggins was Wiggins. That's not a compliment. Oubre was pretty good. Mannion and Lee were solid. Looney was tremendous. Draymond looked uninterested.

Philly should really trade for Lowry if they can.

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Don't worry Warriors fans. WGBC! (Next year)

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