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Thanks for this Eric!

On that first head tap play where Wiggins was doubled, am I the only one who thought, “Does Wiggins even know a wide open DLee 3 is a GOOD thing?”

In all these examples, it looked like Wiggins thinks that he’s obligated to score himself since the play is called for him.

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Slow day but:

[Wojnarowski] The Lakers have agreed to trade Marc Gasol, a 2024 second-round pick and cash to the Grizzlies for the draft rights to Wang Zhelin, sources tell ESPN. Deal saves Lakers $10M. Gasol and Grizzlies will work together on waiver and release to allow him to remain in Spain w/ family.

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One of the questions heading into next season is if Wiggins' improved shooting was a fluke season or if it was a sign of improvement (or at least a function of playing next to Curry and thus likely to continue). His FT% didn't really improve despite his 3P% and his midrange percentage improving. I also wonder how the lack of crowds affected things league-wide, I think I read there was a big spike in terms of number of (qualifying) players who shot 40+% from three last season. Unless that is where the NBA is trending towards?

I think I'd throw Wiggins' shooting into the giant pile of unknowns for next season. If he regresses back to like 33% from three, it'd be much harder to play him, Draymond, and a center together.

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In other news


Coaching switch up within the Warriors: Seth Cooper is now the head coach of the Santa Cruz Warriors and Kris Weems, who was the head coach, is moving into a player development coaching role for the Warriors.



Don’t know much about Cooper…

Previous SCW coach Aaron Miles also moved to GSW player development and Wikipedia considers that a promotion, so I assume Weems is happy about this…

While I’m looking, the SCW coaches and where they went after:

Kris Weems - player dev GSW

Aaron Miles - player dev GSW

Casey Hill - head coach G-League LAC (and then asst coach NOP)

Nate Bjorkgren(!!!) - head coach Iowa D-League (then Bakersfield D-L, then asst PHX, and eventually… head coach IND with spectacular firing)

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