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I just gotta say: It's so fun watching young Dubs grow and develop and having conversations about their potential in the future.

It's been a while since Dubs fans have really, truly done this. And while having veteran teams with title aspirations is always great....I missed this all too familiar space from years past.

I haven't been this nervous/excited for the draft lottery since 2012 (last year felt all but certain and a potential pick wasnt potentially lost based on top 3 protection like this year or that Toronto coin flip in '12)

Poole, Wiseman, Paschall, JTA (even though he's older) plus these potential picks...balancing the future with the present has been way more fun and less agonizing than I had predicted.

Then again, this coming year will be a true test of how well we thread that needle.

Looking forward to it.

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Guys at GSOM kicking around a trade of Wiseman+Loon+pick for Turner... what do u all think?

I say Oubre+Wiseman+2nd rounder or nothin. Admittedly, thats still a lot for Turner. Hes so-so, and injured. On the other hand...im just salivating at the prospect of the stalwart defense that Miles-Dray-Wiggins-100%Klay-Steph would bring... would be tops in the NBA

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Clippers shot 57.9% (44/76 FGs) tonight.

Leonard: 13/17 FGs, 3/5 threes, 7/7 FTs

Morris: 6/9 FGs, 3/5 threes

Jackson: 6/12 FGs, 4/10 threes

George: 11/18 FGs, 2/6 threes, 5/5 FTs

As for the Mavericks, they shot 44.2% (38/86 FGs), though they were 20/39 beyond the arc.

Doncic: 15/28 FGs, 7/13 threes, 7/13 FTs

Hardaway Jr.: 4/14 FGs, 4/6 threes

Brunson: 5/8 FGs, 4/6 threes

Kleber: 5/9 FGs, 4/7 threes

Porzingis: 3/10 FGs, 1/4 threes, 2/2 FTs

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People think that Luka/Young trade was an even deal but I still think Dallas won that one. Trae will be a very good player but Luka (if he stays healthy) is on path for greatness.

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I don’t even want kawhi, I’ll settle for his whistle

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So the Celtics proved tonight that the Nets are still beatable even with 2/3 of their stars going off

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Clippers really haven't got a clue on how to guard Doncic. They're lucky Luka doesn't have a true 2nd star or this series would have been a wrap 2 games ago

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Tatum soooooo good

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Three things I’m currently really high on

1. Life

2. Ganja

3. Jordan Poole

Great discussion and those clips highlight clips are indeed mama mia! I’m hoping for a Barbosa/Livingston hybrid. And think he, Wiseman, Wiggins (plus a fingers crossed good draft pick provide a foundation for a pretty good next core.

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Paul George is so smooth

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Ladies and gentlemen: the LA Flippers

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How do we get Leonard after the Clippers get swept. Is it possible $$$$ wise?

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the clippers are so soft. the reason why dallas keeps on shooting the 3 ball really well is because they’re not setting the tone at all and letting these shooters get confidence/rhythm to a point where they’re pulling up from 30 with a hand in their face because they know they’ll make it. definition of a cupcake team

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Julius Randle now 13-54 from the field (.241) through three playoff games.

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I'm happy to be vindicated as a Poole fan who was singing his praises coming into the season. I see a lot of posters similarly down on Paschall, but I predict a major resurgence next year averaging 15 ppg on high efficiency.

Paschall dealt with starting off the season out of shape due to Covid + a nagging injury that sapped his athleticism all year. With this offseason, he'll be hungry to make up for his lackluster season and will add a three ball to his repertoire.

You heard it here first: from the man who predicted Draymond Green, Javale Mcgee, and now Jordan Poole!

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From Anthony Slater’s article about Jordan Poole.

....But it’s the small defensive details that have the coaching staff increasingly encouraged in the grander conversation about his longer-term development.


“It’s the details,” Poole said. “The older you get, the more knowledge you gain as an individual, as a human. The details matter in real life. The little small things you do matter. Whether it’s saying good morning to somebody. Whether it’s X’ing out on a closeout. Whether it’s giving a teammate an extra handshake.”


“......The little small things you do matter. Whether it’s saying good morning to somebody. ............Whether it’s giving a teammate an extra handshake.”

Me: 👏👏👏

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