(19-18) Warriors play all the fun young guys in intriguing preseason game.

Irrational good feeling guy Nico does not embarrass self. If you ignore that dunk attempt.

Here’s my inspirational verse from halftime:

In this little moment of hope and pleasant surprise, I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate being able to spend time watching the game with you. I don’t take it for granted. Thank you.

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • Santa Cruz Warriors v Suns, let’s do this people, clap clap

  • Irrational Good Feeling will truly be put to the test tonight

  • If they keep it within 20 by halftime, we’re gong to call this a victory

  • Oh yeah, Nico’s starting in front of his hometown and family

  • I guess no 2 point plays are authorized tonight

  • Hey, Nico guarded Booker and did not get schooled

  • Irrational Good Feeling Nico has done a nice job of finding the open shooters

  • CP3 honoring Steph with two (behind the back?) passes that fly out of bounds, respect

  • I cannot accept that nickname. But I cannot refute it either.

  • Omg, Irrational Good Feeling Guy Nico alley oop to JW to Nico steal to Our Guy Juanito layup, Pinch me

  • Bazemore learning into the God of Chaos thing

  • *leaning

  • If Nico ever remembers how to hit a jumper, he will be a perfectly acceptable backup PG

  • Suns can’t handle the power of our QUADRUPLE EWING THEORY power

  • That was the bizarro world version of The Klay Play. Wanamaker of all people runs the curl, gets it, doesn’t shoot...

  • Poole party time

  • It’s dangerous because defenders may injure each other all trying to go under the screen

  • https://grantland.com/features/the-ewing-theory/

  • Come on Poole, where did this conscience come from? Let it fly big man let it fly

  • SC Warriors had a bunch of massive comebacks. Go all Sea Dubs, we will pull this out. JW can be honorary Sea Dub÷

  • Booker isos Nico, Nico stays with him, Juanito zones behind him, then that’s a soft bailout foul.


  • Poole showing the sociopathy you want out of a gunner

  • I said a sub-20 halftime deficit would be a victory ... getting cllse

  • Hahaha man Nico saw the highlight dunk in his eyes. I love watching that starting lineup, it’s got my two cult favorites (OGJ, Nico), guys I want to see grow (JW, Poole) and they are actually positive +/- against the starters of a top team. Admittedly, the top team is playing maybe in 3rd gear, but we take those

  • There’s maybe a 2% chance they can win this, but if the Sea Dubs pull this out, I will laugh for a half hour straight

  • Yes I was going to ease into the break, but I promise I’d do a piece

  • New Current Mission: finish Q3 within 20


  • Q3.8.10. Head Tap twice in a row. But they’ve changed it (I think) so when the small (Nico in this case) cross screens for Wiggins, Nico then zippers up. I like it.

  • Exact same comp that came to my mind

  • Ayton is a rock, JW has bounced off him twice trying to bully into him



  • I’d like to see more Nico-JW PNR. Had the right idea skipping to D Lee, but DL cut instead of popping.

  • Yeeeaah baby, GSW clinch the Level 2 Achievement of keeping it within 20 in Q3. Now on Level 3 of the Low Expectations Track: finish the game within single digits. Not easy, this one

  • Paschall’s leprechaun form seemes to be regressing as he slumps

  • Wanamaker def has the air of a man playing for his job

  • Randomness will only factor into whether the final margin is > or < than 20

  • Sea Dub chemistry unbeaten

  • Hakuna matata baby. Be like me. (quickly deletes comments from the end of all GSW losses)

  • Interesting hand signal. Paschall points at himself 10 times. Then isos. PHX might be on to that signal tho

  • Hmmm... I think Nico passed to Paschall at top to get a better angle to enter to JW in post. EP just isos instead.

  • I like how JW quickly flipped the screen for Wiggs.