(19-15) GSW 130, CHA 121. Draymond deals 19 assists, Hornets try to make blowout ending as painful as possible

Steph casually drops in 29, Kelly dunks in 27

In Game Comments

  • I’ve got limited game access tonight, so I’ll be counting on you all to yell Our Guy Juanito, Head Tap, Horns, Math Possible and Random Ending Incoming for me, okay?

  • Also point out any cool plays that I need to rewatch... afterwards I’ll search the thread for the word “Apricot”.

And here were some highlights of comments that mentioned me or were marked for me:

  • alv66: Oubre on pace for 50 dunk points. [I’ll check it out on replay, but I’m guessing most of them are off Steph back screens?]

  • ServantOfLuna: Warriors got 26 of their 29 points in paint [We’re back, Hornets, and we brought TALL PEOPLE this time]

  • BKisforSF: I came here to chew bubble gum and read Apricot Oubre dunk jokes and I’m all out of bubble gum [Wait do I make Oubre dunk jokes?]

  • sabrinasez: That's 10. JTA probably a scratch tonight? [Noooo!!]

  • Juicy Jay: Wanamisser [*smacks head*]

  • BadlyBrowned: Took the old KD-Curry reverse PnR and put Green in there. [I gotta check it out!]

  • DraymondWantsItMore: Apricot we have to see a compilation of the 739 Oubre dunks from the 1st half please and thank you. [Explain One Thousand Plays]

  • Abaddon: Oubre “Mr Fantastic” [I assume he’s stretchy?]

  • OGG Gurl: Dreamboat [Good name for an Oubre biopic]

  • DraymondWantsItMore: Apricot wisemans 3rd quarter, his hands still worry me but he's learning... [Yep it’s a problem.]

  • Mike: Jta in [yeaaaaaaaah]

  • John Brown: Ball ran into Curry trying to pad his stats made Steph pissed. Maybe why Ball wasn’t the first pick, his lack of maturity. 

    [Yeah I don't know what that was about at the end of the game. He's not going to get free throws at the end like that.... the ref looked over like "come on rookie, don't try that s"]