Who are we pulling for in the NBA Playoffs? Part 3: Blazers vs Suns

Who is LGW's bubble team?

Currently, six teams are still battling for the last playoff spot in the NBA. Here are the up-to-date odds, in case you’re wondering.

It’s time for LGW to officially endorse one of these teams, and we’ll do it through democracy.

We had a group stage with two groups of 3 and now one grand finals.  When the playoffs properly come around, we’ll have more showdowns to see who LGW endorses.

Group 1 Weighted Votes

Team write-ups here.

  • 89.4% Blazers

  • 7.4% Grizzlies

  • 3.2% Kings

Damian Lillard and the Blazers overwhelm the field. People have cited Dame’s Oakland connections, their being fun to watch, and their having the firepower to threaten the Lakers.

And… there isn’t much exciting about the other teams. MEM has a low-key reliable competence and promise. SAC has a low-key reliable incompetence and despair.

Group 2 Weighted Votes

Team write-ups here.

  • 47.9% Suns

  • 35.4% Pelicans

  • 16.7% Spurs

The Suns win the group. The Spurs’ soul sucking excellence inspired few. There was a groundswell of support at LGW for the Pelicans, but not for Zion… for ex-Warriors assistant coach Alvin Gentry.

But in the end, the majority of voters love an underdog and the Suns have had to overcome the worst owner in basketball and Draymond Green’s tampering.

My Own Votes

Group 1 in order…

  • Blazers

  • Grizzlies

  • Kings

Group 2 in order…

  • Pelicans

  • Spurs

  • Suns

My Finals

  • Blazers over Pelicans

Your Vote

Which of these last two teams do you hope makes the playoffs? 

Either vote on Twitter or in the comments (worth 10 Twitter votes).