Warriors-Wizards postgame: “gassed” but feeling good about themselves

Draymond: “could’ve easily been a 5-0 trip…2nd unit playing better than the 1st”

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Wizards postgame from Washington, with Steve Kerr, Kent Bazemore and Draymond Green. Kelly Oubre and Stephen Curry spoke after that group and we’ll have their notes & quotes in a separate post for subscribers only.

The video atop this article is clickable and has Kerr, Baze, Dray and Steph talking about the fatigue and elements of the game that went awry, plus overall sentiments of the road trip.

Please look for additional videos on our YouTube channel, especially comments on the recent George Floyd verdict and social justice.


- Q4: “I think it was fatigue. We were just exhausted, we just ran out of gas the last 7 minutes…Russell Westbrook was fantastic…the trip caught up to us…out of gas.”

- sting more with bench +17? “They all sting…I fe great about our team, I feel great about where we are…unfortunate…still a good solid trip, we’re in a good spot…”

- WSH threw more at Steph or Steph off? “It’s always a combination…nothing that Steph hasn’t seen before…we were gassed…didn’t look like we had our legs.”

- moving forward: “we got fans coming into our building for the first time…a lot of juice, got a lot of guys playing well…Damion and Juan…got a lot of home games…build our momentum…”

- Oubre: “really good approach…not easy to go from starting most of your career…really gave us a chance to win.”

- Poole: “two threes back to back…he’s been a big part of this second group and the resurgence…”

- surprised by second unit? “Well not really because we were able to bring Kelly in…good rhythm with Jordan and Baze and Loon…”

- Baze 6 steals vs fouls: “he’s always impacting the game…you feel his presence…battles defensively…seen all the pictures in front of him.”


- fatigue? “For sure…been an emotional trip…finally catching our stride, a couple guys getting injured…emotional roller coaster…cloud nine (after JP threes)…Westbrook turned on the jets…smelled blood…if you look at the tape (we’re getting better)…”

- late losses? “details, margin…had some tweaks there late that kept them at arms length (but) Bradley Beal is a special guy…Russ…Bertans…I think it’s six straight for them…long trip.”

- George Floyd: “it’s a step in the right direction. I was fortunate to be in the Bubble…(NBA) kinda taking that stance…moving the needle a little bit…Kerr said it best, these things are kinda like a cruise ship…saved a lot of lives…maybe cops…will have that on their conscience now…spend the life in prison…needles starting to be moved.”

- fatigue? Move forward? “I’ve had conversations with my teammates individually…remember the team we can be…ebbs and flows…the best you can be…enthusiasm on a daily basis is still the same…believe in each other from top to bottom.”

- Oubre new role? “Yeah at the end of the day, man, we’re all out there trying to win. You get to a certain point in the season where none of that stuff really matters…first play spin move two hand dunk (in Philly)…”

- Oubre fire? “He’s an animal, big lefty…similar position (in ATL)…we share the same locker room.”

Unsolicited: “Five out of the last eight. Go Dubs. (Ray says 9 out of last 13.) Hey Chase Center, I cannot wait…bring it!”


- stings? “Could’ve easily been a 5-0 trip…lost a game we should’ve won.”

- fatigue? “Uhh it was definitely a tough trip but we lost. It is what it is.”

- social justice: “issue that’s been plaguing this country since the beginning of time…we’re in no worse place in this country than we’ve ever been, there’s just been more awareness…we’re more privy to the information…same shit that’s been going on forever.”

- trending: “I think we’re getting better (but) you have to win the games that’s you’re supposed to win…”

- second unit: “They’ve been playing better than the first unit, actually…every other game on this trip they extended the lead or brought us back.”

- upcoming: “I’m happy go home and see my family, being away…my youngest turned seven…Baze son turned two yesterday, missed that. Just happy to go home and see my family.”


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