Warriors to introduce Brad Wanamaker today

The Golden State Warriors will introduce Brad Wanamaker — our first discussion on him was in the archived YouTube livestream above — to media today on a Zoom call at 1:30PM. We will again carry it live on our YouTube channel.

UPDATE: Here are my notes from the call, as posted along the way on our Discord server (more details on that in the paragraphs below).

I will post notes from it as I can, but I’ll be mostly on YouTube and our private Discord server (DM me or leave a comment below if you’re a subscriber and want in on that). Also posting here wasn’t really possible during the Kelly Oubre intro, so no guarantees. You guys did a good job of continuing the discussion in the comments on that one.

I don’t have any immediate other content to give you on Wanamaker, so I’ll leave this as a thread and see you soon! If you have any burning question for Wanamaker, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to get to them and maybe ask one during the Q&A.