Warriors-Suns pregame: Nico, Wiggins, Damion, Juan, Wiseman to start with Curry, Oubre and Draymond out

Larry Fitzgerald commentary too, if you’re a fan

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Suns pregame. Even though the Q&A with Monty Williams was first, I’ll stick it on the bottom because it was pretty uneventful, even as it pertains to GSW-PHX. Barring technical difficulties, hoping to have videos of Kerr up on our YouTube channel. This article is free with the absence of our stars.


- easy decision Steph/Dray: “Steph just needs a rest, we got back to the hotel at 330a in the morning…isn’t getting much of (a rest).”

- when did you know? “Steph, we looked at the schedule maybe a week ago, and Draymond’s was based more on the injury (in LA).”

- Oubre? “Kelly’s out tonight.”

- Suns most improved: “they were building something last year, Monty was doing a great job…getting Chris Paul changed everything.”

- starters: “Nico, Andrew, Damion Lee, Juan and James.”

- home and homes: “not great for the fans, if you’re a season ticket holder…we should absolutely factor in the fans…you could be on the bad end of a LeBron or Steph injury.”

- starting Wiseman: “last couple weeks his minutes have been down a little bit…given a slot of minutes at the end of the first and the end of the third…but where we are right now, he needs to play more, there’s no doubt, we have to develop him…we definitely need to get him more time.”

- wrist injury? “It’s perfectly natural for every player to go through peaks and valleys…especially for a rookie…I got it and you have a tough game and it feels like the end of the world…really hard on himself which bodes well for the long term…but in the short term it can hurt him too…can’t just say let’s just throw him out there for 35 minutes…finding the balance and helping him through the ups and the downs…you’ll see him bounce back.”

- starting Nico: “With Steph out we need somebody to run the show…pickup full court defensively…it felt right…Jordan’s gonna play…earned…played well (in G League).”

- highs and lows: “defensively…they’re trying…the low point is just we haven’t been able to win the tight close games…won even three or four (in the last month)…you are who you are…we’re probably right where we’re supposed to be…hoping the Break will get us re-energized.”

- Larry Fitzgerald: (hasn’t met him)

- Steph play if no ASG: “I never gave it consideration because there is an ASG.”

- Poole expectations: “The force with which he plays…very skilled…expanded his game a little bit…when you’re young…gotta be a level of force and competitiveness the entire game…execution, you can’t have any let ups at either end…compete through everything…play downhill, be decisive.”

- where were you when NBA suspended? “I was in San Francisco and doing my weekly radio spot…we heard the news during the show…it was a huge shock…the day when we all faced the reality.”

- missed layups: “my opinion is that I don’t like them.”

- missed layups: “sorry about that I hate to be a wise ass…last night was really tough seeing the opportunities that we had…Steph runner…Andrew potential put back, Draymond…kicked back out to Steph for a wide open three…the guys are trying.”


- remaining NBA schedule, COVID: “I haven’t thought about any of that…it’s been an interesting year for us…how many people have been affected…that have passed away, how many families have changed…how basketball can bring some joy.”

- home and homes: “I’ve seen other coaches comment about it…I haven’t seen anyone say they dislike it…it doesn’t really matter to me…kind of a playoff thing…idk if the league would be able to pull it off…concerts…anytime we can cut down on travel that’s a plus.”

- navigating through uncertainty: “we talked about it after we got back from Orlando…that’s the new life we all live…you can wake up to something new…not overthink it or play mental gymnastics…protocols setup so that we can all be safe, that’s how we view it…we’re all learning on the fly.”

- where were you when NBA suspended? “Yeah I was watching games…League Pass going game to game to game…just sitting in my office…I didn’t know what to think…I’ve been a part of lockouts but those were always in the off-season…that was totally different.”

- superstar duos CP/Booker: “there’s been an adjustment for those two playing together…learning a new system…those two probably talked a lot more off the floor to help with the adjustment…I talked with them….to ease the transition…they’ve trended in a way that can be good for us…a lot of room for us to grow…with our team playing around those two…a lot of diligence and sacrifice to make it work for the big situations we want to be in.”

- Larry Fitzgerald: “I followed Larry way before I came here…I was already a fan…upbringing…you get here and you live in the community and you realize he’s the most popular guy in the state, he could probably run for governor…he’s like one of the guys…welcomed me with open arms…I’m nobody in this city…get a text message from Larry…saying what’s up, that’s pretty cool.”