Warriors-Suns postgame: “two-way” combinations, Jordan Poole just earned more minutes

Wiseman not concerned about physicality

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Suns postgame. We had Steve Kerr, James Wiseman, Nico Mannion, and Jordan Poole. Free article because of the loss.

First video is on Wiseman. Please click through to the video for the rest of the uploads from postgame:


- ASB needed? “It’s coming at the right time…needs a mental break…excited to see family…without having to practice.”

- Poole: “Confidence…the way he came off screens…catch and shoot…throughout the pandemic the most consistent player we had…Kris Weems and his staff have done a fantastic job…Nico.”

- Poole rotation spot? “when you play like he did tonight then you deserve another look…he definitely earned more minutes, we’re gonna be looking at a lot of things over the break…rotation pattern…find the right balance/combinations…stay in the playoff fight and develop these young guys.”

- difference now with Nico/JP? “Confidence…got a rhythm and felt the game…greater sense of confidence.”

- Wanamaker? “Tweaked his ankle.”

- Wiseman: “he just needs reps, he needs minutes, he needs to feel comfortable and confident…Steph and Draymond who provide a comfort level (weren’t there)…Ayton…had to guard Chris Paul coming downhill…a lot of tape and we’ll look at it with him.”

- Wiseman improve one thing: “Rebounding, we’re a pretty poor rebounding team…positioning, it’s about anticipating…second half of the season will be really big for James…be a force in the paint on the glass.”

- physicality? “He gets pushed around a little bit, he’s 19…he’s gonna get so much better.”

- need more offense? “Great point to bring up, that we absolutely have to look at it and give Jordan his opportunity…combinations that made us really good defensively but we were a bit of a one-way team…we’re gonna give Jordan a chance…give James more minutes…but what does it do to our defense?…ultimately…two-way.”


- assessment: “I thought I played well.”

- minutes: “playing through my mistakes…get better on the next possession or the next quarter.”

- Ayton: “it was pretty tough…physicality…he was too physical…his physicality, his presence…I wasn’t afraid to take it to him.”

- learned the most? “On the defensive ends make sure I’m a quarterback…patient before I make a move…a lot more miscellaneous activities.”

- frustrations? “Many ups and downs…containing myself and trying to stay string…enduring it and getting through it.”

- physicality? “Also the defensive end…quarterback…call out the defensive (strategies)…physicality.”

- ASB: “can’t wait to get back to my mom…she cook me some food…just a journey.”

- stay out of the gym a few days? “idk maybe not.”


- recap: “getting comfortable…you’re comfortable with yourself…still think I can do a lot better.”

- first start: “kinda storybook, first 3 in Utah where I grew up…first start in Phoenix.”

- starting: “makes me feel good that the staff has that confidence in me.”

- Poole: “that’s just who he is.”

- Chris Paul? “Another surreal moment…grew up…studying his film.”


- G League help? “gave me a little bit a rhythm…(thanks Jesus Christ).”

- Weems: “just allowing me to play my game…lead those guys (in G League).”

- added pounds? “Uh, yeah, did a lot of work in the off-season…mentally try to keep it together…a little bit of a difference between the first two years.”

- on ball or off ball? “either or tbh…probably on ball but I can play off ball just as well.”

Raymond says he’ll be in ATL with Steph for ASG on Saturday.

Also, team will be in LA on Tuesday for two straight days of testing(GSW-LAC on Thursday).