Warriors-Rockets postgame: Wiseman/Paschall out 7 days; no X-rays for Stephen Curry; Poole’s quick decisions

Kerr: Draymond “player of the game”

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Rockets postgame with Steve Kerr, Draymond Green and Kelly Oubre. Please check our YouTube channel for visuals. The first one above is clickable and covers Stephen Curry’s injury to his tailbone.


Warriors PR says Wiseman and Paschall will be out for 7 days.

- Steph: “I didn’t see it at first…he told me after that he started backpedaling and normally he would’ve fallen back into the fans…expecting to stop and he just kept going and fell right on his tailbone on that piece of metal…he says he’s gonna be fine but long term it’s gonna bother him…no idea if he’ll play (in MEM)…we’ll see…please don’t mean that I’m saying he’s gonna be out for a week, he could be (practicing tomorrow).”

- recap: “we needed to get this win and we did.”

- xrays? no

- going to? I don’t think so

- guys stay in HOU? “There’s talk we might be able to get people home to the Bay…players…and people who did not test positive but are contact tracing.”

- Poole: “Impresses me the most just how quick his decision-making is…he’d catch the ball and hold it, not much holding it now…we call it 0.5 basketball meaning 0.5 seconds before you make your move…Kris Weems…really emphasized that…carried over into his return…it’s been a pretty natural progression for his development…we all want instant gratification.”

- WNBA: “taken the lead with unity and creativity…great respect and admiration for all those women who have taken the lead role in that fight.”

- Poole: “as long as he makes his decision quickly…doesn’t mess around with the ball, then he’s got the license to go…he’s shifty, you can see, he can do some things that changes the look of our team.”

- Shawn Bradley: “I knew him in passing, we played against each other…just devastating to hear of anyone going through an injury like that…everybody with the Warriors, we’ve all been talking about it today.”

- Draymond triple-double, points: “having fun out there tonight, he was on top of his game…controlled the game with his defense and his rebounding…in my book the player of the game.”

- frustrations with protocols: “of course there’s frustration but there’s nobody to blame, nobody is at fault here…this is the life we’re living…the league has to be overly cautious…we fully respect the league’a decision…we have to take the long view here…long great careers ahead of them…they’re healthy.”


- POTG: “Lose a game like we lost the other day, that was terrible.”

- talked to Steph? “He thought he was gonna fall on the bench.”

- Steph pain? “Anybody falling on your tailbone, that’s one of those things that’s pretty painful.”

- Steph not serious? “Most important thing is his health…you start to use other muscles that you (don’t normally use).”

- Poole: “confidence…making quick decisions…just overall better, better positioning on defense…I talked to Kris Weems a few times…all the other things that’s not scoring the basketball…you’d be really proud of Jordan (said Weems)…I don’t know many people that work harder than Jordan…now start to reap the rewards.”

- stay in contact with Wiseman and Paschall: “for sure, especially being stuck in the house…making sure those guys stay a part of things…keeping their spirits up.”

- what changes the most? “Those are two of our better scorers…put a lot of pressure on the rim…get those guys experience…still a second year player (Paschall)…Eric with his versatility allows us different lineups.”

- Christian Wood: “came into this league kinda lost…didn’t quite pan out, went undrafted…this team was in a pretty good space (before injury)…I love to see guys kinda go through things and come out on top…I remember actually going to his pre-Draft workout in Oakland.”

- did you turn into what you imagined in NBA? “Always had confidence…you just never quite know…how it’s gonna turn out…I became an All-Star/DPOY and most importantly I became a champion…in saying all that, I guess so…try to be the best me that I can be.”


- took fall in Q4: “I’m okay, KJ fell on my foot, just ice it.”

- Wiseman/Paschall: “they bring a lot of anchoring…that’s the new world we live in.”

- keep them in loop? “As brothers we all have to make sure they’re in high spirits…but it’s really above all of us so we can only control what we can control.”

- Steph off the floor: “No, I didn’t really look into that…amazing father…keeps chivalry alive.”

- Fauci, social justice? “No I’m not really on the internet like that, sorry…utilizes it to the best of his ability (platform).”

- Poole: “special individual, always in high spirits…only have our work within to show on our resume…see him in the gym all the time…didn’t think he should’ve been in the G League tbh.”

- bounce back LAL, now MEM: “could’ve done a lot better, we have to stay focused for 48 minutes…uplift one another…just us in the locker room that can turn it around…can’t ever get too high/low…go in with the focus that each and every game could be our last.”

- potential? “You’re gonna have to watch…that’s something we keep within our locker room.”

Warriors PR: no Jordan Poole postgame, try to get him at practice tomorrow 1130a-1230p PDT in Houston.