Warriors-Rockets postgame: Wiseman MRI imminent, Oubre day-to-day, Showtime Taylor’s Baby-Faced Assassin call

Also, Stephen Curry doesn’t care about your narrative

Here are notes & quotes from postgame — and pregame, just to cover the whole nine — Warriors-Rockets with Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry (rare non-last Q&A!), Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins and Kent Bazemore.

I ended up deleting all the extra notations that I usually include for subscribers, then when coming up with the headline, realized we kind of had a gem with the postgame praise for guest PA announcer “Showtime” Taylor and his “Baby-Faced Assassin” call, so even though this should’ve been for subscribers only, I’ve made it free for all.

More videos will soon go onto our YouTube channel. The first one is clickable atop this article and discusses the injury status of James Wiseman (MRI either tonight or tomorrow) and Kelly Oubre (day-to-day).

As I did not have time to do a pregame write-up, it is included below. During last night’s postgame, Bazemore mentioned something about Wiggins’ newborn daughter and I asked Kerr to expound on that pregame:

By the way, these notes & quotes are actually typed in real-time on our Discord server, if you want more immediate results.


- no MRI for Oubre

- Baze will start

- preview: ”actually kinda nice. That was a guut punch. You don't want to sit around…Wall is back…Olynyk…playing well.”

- Stephen Silas: “not the easiest job…respected out there…thoughtful, analytical.”

- what went through mind last night: “everything…dozen plays…”

- how many Modelos? Yes.

- Baze Wiggs heavy heart/mind? “talked to Andrew…everything went really well…maybe Baze was referring to the outcome of the game…baby is happy and healthy and that's the only thing that really matters.”

- second unit: “all you really want is for your guys to execute…we are built in a more top heavy fashion.”


- Wiseman: “he’s gonna get an MRI, I’m not sure tonight or tomorrow”

- how’s it look so far for Wiseman? “I haven’t even talked to the training staff yet.”

- practice tomorrow? No

- pepper spray incident: “I have not seen the news”

- recap: “a win is a win…not thrilled with the performance…Juan on his birthday was terrific…Mike Mulder…Steph was tremendous…a lot of good individual performances I just didn’t love the collective energy in the second half.”

- Oubre? “I just talked to him he said he’s doing pretty well…nothing too serious but…it’s literally day to day.”

- Showtime PA guy: “loved it…the guys were laughing and enjoying it…I thought he was fantastic.”

- voting restrictions in GA and TX: “huge divisive issue in the country…the bottom line is the law was not changed because of voter fraud, it was changed because of voter turnout…no proof of voter fraud in the presidential election…based on false information.”

- second half: “overall engagement…a little loose…(could’ve) broken the game open…couldn’t quite break away.”

- Steph: “incredible…some of the shots he hit around the basket, he had a highlight reel full of plays.”

- Poole: “Jordan had a good night, it was good to see him knocking down shots again…last four or five have not been as productive…I told him…not to get wrapped up in whether the shots are going down or not, it’s the defensive engagement…makes a dramatic difference and it helps his offense…I really enjoy coaching Jordan…productive season…keep improving…bright future.”

- Looney minutes expand? “Loon has always been a max 20-25 a night guy…thrilled he’s had a healthy season…he deserves it…rock solid…hopefully James won’t be out for too long.”


- giving Showtime Taylor his moment: “got a great story to tell…allow his voice to kind of encapsulate the game…a.lot of juice and energy…Baby Faced Assassin nickname…caught you off guard…what he’s trying to speak about after 26 years…selfless…he has a lot to offer…pretty awesome.”

- recap: “started the game better…turned it over a little too much…aggressive…John (Wall) had it going a little bit.”

- Wiseman missing time, how much impact if he’s out? “I am not sure…tough injury bug…when he makes a couple strides (he faces adversity).”

- see Wiseman postgame? “I did not.”

- getting it going for you? “I’ve had bad games before…the mentality is the same, it’s just a matter if you make or miss.”

- Wiseman was on a roll: “making shots…pick and roll opportunities where he was figuring out angles…decisive (with Wiggs)…got Wiggs an open shot…assertiveness…building his confidence…hopefully he’s not out for a long time…want him to continue to get reps…”

- Wall back from injury: “rebuild the situation he’s in…similar vibe in terms of new teammates, new sets…still got that burst…crazy first step…guy coming off a couple tough injuries and finding his presence back on the court.”

- back against the wall, underdog? “Whatever narrative I need just to try to win games…whatever that is, underdog, late bloomers, whatever it is, we just gotta figure out how to put a string together…I’ll let you guys help us with the narrative.” 


- what time do you usually go to bed? “930p” (he’d walked in saying it was past his bedtime)

- Steph: “you have to play Steph a certain way…focal point…aggressive…puts the defense on their heels…we’re pretty dangerous.”

- Juan birthday: “Happy birthday to Juan…JTA…big brother…make it through another 365…he played really good…boost off the bench.”

- talk to Wiseman? “He said he was alright. He tough.”

- Wiseman PNR: “little bit of practice, little bit of experience…defenders are gonna have to go over…chemistry, where to screen and how to screen, it just comes with experience…good over these last couple, really good actually.”

- improve stats: “it’s just the work…try to make an impact.”

- Draymond: “sits next to me in the locker…all the guys who have experience, I’m asking questions…I think they see how hungry I am.”


- mindset? “Extend the lead, get everyone involved.”

- feels good? “It’s always good to win, winning is hard to come by in this league…be better to put two in a row.”


- watching standings? “If it’s a team that we’re playing I’ll throw on League Pass…coming to work with a fresh mind…well-rounded human being.”

- Showtime Taylor: “did his thing, we heard Baby Faced Assassin tonight…we had to cool him off at the end of the night.”

- how satisfying a victory: “anytime you win in this league…feels good, but if you look at our last three games…break down the film…getting a lot better…defensively…if Robin Lopez gets twenty, we can live with that…we’re kinda building momentum and the confidence…get rid of these 10-15 point losses…got the best player on our team.”

- talk to Wiseman? “we just told him to rub dirt on it.” (Laughs)

- unsolicited: “Two out of our last three baby, go Dubs.”

Warriors PR: says shootaround is next media availability on Monday.